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Central Coast Local Health District’s CoastCanCare Wellness Program has been a proud beneficiary of the annual Dry July campaign since 2013. Thanks to the generosity of those that commit to raising funds for us and Foundation grants, we continue to provide support, care and assistance to adults living with cancer on the Central Coast. CoastCanCare provides valuable wellbeing and recovery tools – free of charge – to cancer patients, their families and carers on the Central Coast. Information, education and support helps patients and carers to develop skills for coping with a cancer diagnosis, treatments and treatment side effects, such as fatigue, pain and anxiety. Art therapy, drumming, legal and financial workshops, self-care Saturdays and “Look Good Feel Better” are just some of the face to face programs designed to equip those attending with the tools to stick with their treatment plan with the best possible outcomes and to manage their health and wellbeing at the end of their care. Friendships and connections are established and continue long after CoastCanCare participation. And while face to face interactions may not always be possible, the CoastCanCare team continue with essential services including regular telephone and email contact with all participants, maintaining connection and a friendly voice during difficult times. We are grateful to Dry July for continuing to include CoastCanCare in the annual Appeal. With your support, in turn we will continue to support our community. As a “Dry Julyer” two things happen; not only do you have the opportunity to help local cancer patients – maybe a neighbour or relative – but 31 days without alcohol could also improve your own general health and wellbeing. Nominate Central Coast Local Health District’s CoastCanCare to ensure money raised stays on the Coast to benefit the local community.

Latest Updates

Thank You, CoastCanCare

“I was overwhelmed with the positive impact this program is having on me and my family’s life.  I’ve been through two lots of cancer……….I’d lost interest in life and the continual struggle to survive.  

I’m so grateful for the wonderful support, practical information and actions. It has totally transformed my life.  I’m now planning for my future and am writing ‘to do’ list:  ticking each one off at a time.  I feel more in control of my life, my future.   

I only wish I had attended earlier.  When unwell, putting energy into anything else seems impossible or even pointless.  The courses were just perfect and gave the exact amount of information – neither too much nor too little.  The presenters were professional, sensitive and gave practical, life-saving information.  I particularly appreciated Sue McConaghey’s approach and Vanessa’s music therapy just grabbed me at another level.  Understanding opiate drugs for pain management helped me accept and use them appropriately.  The importance of staying motivated to exercise in the recovery process was another life saver.  The fact it was free, helped our situation incredibly.

My partner and I wish to thank you………for your generosity, magnificent contribution and deep thoughtfulness in providing the Wellness Program - you have put colour, music and magic back into our lives.”

S.L. & P.L 

Expanding CoastCanCare

CoastCanCare is almost entirely funded through the support of Dry July. In 2015 the Dry July Foundation awarded additional funding for this worthwhile program, through the Dry July Grant Program.

This grant will be used to expand current program offerings (including wellness seminars, music therapy, and exercise) as well as offer additional programs such as tai chi and art therapy to cancer patients, their carers and families on the Central Coast.

CoastCanCare Wellness Program Continues

Central Coast Local Health District (CCLHD) in NSW will continue the CoastCanCare Wellness Program with funds from Dry July 2015.

CoastCanCare offers a range of wellness programs designed to complement medical treatment and promote the wellbeing of Central Coast adults with cancer, their family members and carers. Current programs include motivational education sessions, as well as group mindfulness, meditation workshops, and music therapy sessions.

CoastCanCare receives most of its funding from Dry July.

CoastCanCare Program

Dry July beneficiary, the Central Coast Local Health District (CCLHD), are currently running their CoastCanCare Wellness Program, an initiative funded thanks to the money raised by Dry July participants.

CoastCanCare offers a range of wellness programs designed to complement medical treatment and promote the wellbeing of Central Coast adults with cancer, their family members and carers. Such programs have been shown to be very helpful in assisting people to manage stress, anxiety, fatigue and pain. Current programs include motivational education sessions, as well as group mindfulness and meditation workshops.

As part of the program, they recently began music therapy sessions, designed to engage and focus on the whole person, not their illness or treatment.

As always, we’re so grateful for our DJs who raise funds to improve the wellbeing of adult cancer patients.

CoastCanCare Program Launches

The Central Coast Cancer Centre (CCCC) offers comprehensive oncological care and has been fully operational since March 2013, supporting patients on the Central Coast of NSW.

The CCCC is commencing a Patient Supportive Care Program co-located with the centre.

This formal program incorporates care domains in nutrition, psychosocial care, physical therapy, speech pathology, care coordination, and access to complementary therapies such as music and art therapies. Dry July is proud to be a major funder of this program.

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