Interview with Dr Andrew Kerr on ABC Central Coast

“I lost my life partner of over 50 years to cancer two years ago. Keeping in contact with the CoastCanCare walking group in the months immediately following my wife’s death allowed me to successfully transition from carer and husband to being on my own for the first time in 50 years.

“The inspiration drawn from other participants in the various CoastCanCare programs has enabled me to move from a world of potential darkness towards the light. The two art programs I attended, one pre and one post my wife’s death, were the two most personally beneficial programs I have ever attended. We met people with all types of cancers, at different stages, of different ages, and in different life circumstances. What came out of people’s art was astounding. The examples of personal courage were truly inspiring. Art really does help people release what may be suppressed; it helps to get it out. 

“The programs are an extremely important part of allowing patients and their carers to take charge of very challenging circumstances. It’s not going to cure anyone, but it definitely makes that period of treatment so much easier.” 

- Dr Andrew Kerr, participant in the CoastCanCare wellness program, talks live on ABC Central Coast on Monday, June 29. 

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