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For over 12 years, Calvary Mater Newcastle has been privileged to be a Dry July beneficiary. Over this time we have been fortunate to have had a vast array of projects and equipment funded that have made a huge difference to the experience of our cancer patients and their families when they are being treated at the hospital.

By raising funds for the hospital through Dry July, you will be funding projects for our oncology services that directly benefit and assist in the comfort and care of our patients and their families.

Calvary Mater Newcastle is the major cancer care centre for the Hunter New England Local Health District, delivering more than 396,000 occasions of outpatient services and in excess of 17,000 inpatient treatments per year.

We provide a comprehensive range of cancer services, diagnosis and treatment including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy, bone marrow transplants and surgery.

As the region’s tertiary referral cancer hospital, we treat a lot of patients who travel a great distance to have their treatment. Comfortable and convenient accommodation is available onsite for rural and remote patients receiving treatment as an outpatient at the hospital.

Calvary Mater Newcastle is also home to our world renowned research facility and is the main centre for cancer clinical trials in the region.

Thank you for choosing to support Calvary Mater Newcastle.

Latest Updates

VAC machines

Thanks to Dry July, Calvary Mater Newcastle’s Ward 4B (Surgical) is now the proud owner of three Vacuum Assisted Closure (VAC) machines.

Cheryl Cooley, Nursing Unit Manager Ward 4B (Surgical) says, “Thank you to the Dry Julyers for supporting us in the purchase this equipment. These machines provide a non-invasive approach to negative pressure wound healing - they promote healing in a contained system that allows free movement for patients. This means that patients who have undergone surgery for cancer, for example removal of melanoma, can have this therapy applied directly after surgery to enhance wound healing and reduce their length of stay in hospital. Cancer patients are then able to be discharged home with community nurse support rather than have extensive stays in hospital.”

IV Poles

The Nutrition and Dietetics Service at Calvary Mater Newcastle supports the care of patients requiring short or long term enteral feeding at home - many of these patients are being treated for head and neck or oesophageal cancer.

A key feature of the Home Enteral Nutrition (HEN) Service is loaning equipment to patients, like IV poles, to help better facilitate safe feeding at home. Maintaining enough supplies to ensure timely provision of this service is important and thanks to Dry July, 10 IV Poles have now been purchased.

Andrew Court, Nutrition and Dietetics Manager, Calvary Mater Newcastle, says, “We are so grateful to have been able to add these new IV Poles to our HEN Service, it makes such a big difference to our patients.”

2016 Funds

Calvary Mater Newcastle Hospital is planning to use money raised through Dry July 2016 towards:

- 3 VAC machines. 

- IV poles. 

- A MOTOmed movement trainer which moves a patient’s legs or arms gently either passively, motor-assisted or active resistive training. The movements are smoothly controlled, similar to bicycling. Cancer patients deconditioned following illness related to their treatment or as a consequence of a severe illness during treatment such as sepsis will be able to start their recovery using this device.

Day Treatment Centre and Education Room Refurbishments in Newcastle

As the region’s only public oncology hospital, Calvary Mater Newcastle diagnoses and treats thousands of patients every year, many of whom travel a great distance to receive their treatment.

From Monday to Friday, the Day Treatment Centre is a hive of activity as on average 40 patients per day are administered chemotherapy.

For anyone who has undergone cancer treatments, or has been close to someone who has, you will appreciate how gruelling the experience can be.

Kelly Randall, Day Treatment Centre Nursing Unit Manager, says, “Thanks to Dry July supporters, Calvary Mater Newcastle was able to purchase 10 iPads to help entertain patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment. The iPads help alleviate our patient’s boredom and helps to refocus their attention while undergoing treatment. The iPads are extremely popular and bring comfort to our patients when they need it most.”

The Day Treatment Centre’s Patient Waiting Room and Education Room also underwent a makeover to make it more homely and comfortable for patients and their family members. Gone is the room’s previously sterile walls and clinical feel and in its place is a bright, welcoming, comfortable environment.

The Education Room, used by nurses to consult with patients, has also benefitted from a makeover. It now provides a comfortable and practical environment for these conversations to take place.

Kelly says, “The refurbishment of this room is a fantastic addition to our department. We now have comfortable furniture and great storage, all with that homely feel.

“We want our patients to feel as comfortable as possible and with these refurbishments; we are able to provide that environment. Thank you Dry Julyers.”

Medical Centre Waiting Room refurbishments

From Monday to Friday over 200 patients sit in the hospital’s Medical Centre Waiting Room before attending a consultation with one of the hospital’s doctors or nurses.

Previously the room had a bland and sterile feel to it and upon patient’s requests and thanks to Dry July funding this space has now been transformed into a comfortable, homely and functional room.

Kelly Crawford, Nursing Unit Manager at the Medical Centre, said:

“We are very grateful to Dry Julyers and their supporters for funding this makeover. We consulted with our patients throughout the makeover to ensure the changes would be in line with their wishes and a lovely space would be created that would bring comfort to our patients.

“Patient feedback requests were for the room to be ‘more homely and comfortable’ and for an ‘area to be set aside for families, some for family groups of three or more people.’”  

“The walls of the Medical Centre have now been painted in softer tones to create warmth and that homely feel.

“The new chairs needed to be comfortable, as well as serviceable, to enable support and allow all patients to get in and out of them easily. We decided to replace some chairs with lounges and ottomans for variable seating options and the waiting room has been reorganised incorporating some family seating arrangements.

“Patients also requested reading material and access to the internet, so we now have a magazine stand and have subscribed to a variety of magazines to be placed for reading in the waiting room. Wireless access to the internet and two laptops provided on our new trestle tables have also been made available, much to our patient’s delight.

“We were also able to purchase sets of new coffee tables and paintings to brighten up the walls. It has all made such a difference to the look and feel of the room.

“A heartfelt thank you to everyone that took the time and effort to participate in Dry July, your kindness has brought much joy and comfort to our patients.”

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