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Funds raised this Dry July will help fund equipment, programs and refurbishments

About Us

Calvary Mater Newcastle is the major cancer care centre for Hunter New England Local Health District, delivering more than 485,000 occasions of outpatient services and in excess of 17,000 inpatient treatments per year.

We provide a comprehensive range of cancer services, diagnosis and treatment including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy, bone marrow transplants and surgery.

As the region’s tertiary referral cancer hospital, we treat a lot of patients who travel a great distance to have their treatment. Calvary Mater Newcastle is recognised as a leading research centre. It is also the main centre for cancer clinical trials in the Hunter region, with local, national and international research collaborations taking place.

By raising funds for Dry July and choosing to support Calvary Mater Newcastle, you are helping fund projects for our oncology services that directly benefit and assist in the comfort and care of our patients and their families.

The projects and equipment funded in 2023, included:

- Two chemotherapy treatment chairs for the Day Treatment Centre
- Post-operative surgical bras for women undergoing surgery for breast cancer and breast reconstructive surgery
- Enhance and update equipment in the Occupational Therapy Oncology Equipment Loan Program.

By supporting us in 2024, we hope to improve the patient experience for those being treated within our outpatient services.

Thank you for choosing to support Calvary Mater Newcastle.

Latest Updates

Dry July funding helps Calvary Mater Newcastle purchase a standing weigh scale, helping to keep their patients safe

A safer weigh

The previous scales used in the Day Treatment Centre did not have a rail to hold onto and had a fairly large step up to them which was hazardous for those patients who are at risk of falling.

Marissa Ledlin, Nurse Unit Manager, Day Treatment Centre commented, “All of our patients are weighed at each visit to the department. The new scales have improved the stability of our patients when they are getting on and off the device. Staff in the Day Treatment Centre have also commented that they feel much happier knowing patients are safe from any harm.”

Calvary Mater Newcastle are grateful for the opportunity to purchase much needed pressure relieving equipment

What a relief

The surgical ward supports patients both pre and post operatively in their cancer journey. Providing patients with equipment to facilitate a timely discharge home without complications is important. One of these preventable complications is pressure injuries. Pressure injuries are not only costly for the hospital, but can cause unnecessary pain and extend a patients stay in hospital, keeping them away from loved ones.

Lara Riley, Nurse Unit Manager, Ward 4B, said, “With the generous support of Dry July, we were able to purchase four ROHO cushions, in two different sizes.

“Surgery and treatment may prevent our patients from moving around as they would normally do, and can increase the risk of impaired skin integrity. This may lead to skin injury, pain, and potentially increased length of stay in hospital.

“The ROHO cushions assist in maintaining good skin integrity and provide comfort for patients when sitting out of bed. With more cushions, we are now able to ensure more patients can recover in comfort, getting them home to their families faster.”

Dry July's 2020 funding provided four new chemotherapy chairs for Calvery Mater Newcastle Day Treatment Centre

Built for comfort 

Marissa Ledlin, Nurse Unit Manager of the Day Treatment Centre, comments, “With long hours spent receiving chemotherapy, it is important that our patients remain comfortable during this time. The new chemotherapy chairs are so comfortable, sometimes we need to wake the patients up when their treatment is complete. The chairs have silica upholstery which will reduce the risk of pressure injury to patients. A multimedia platform provides a place for personal equipment to prevent boredom and a USB port to charge their personal devices. All these features will increase patient comfort and improve their treatment experience.

“These chairs have not only proved popular with our patients, but with nurses as well. It is very important to the staff that we make the experience as comfortable as possible for our patients, the new chairs are just another thing that helps create this feeling. The chairs also have several features which give the staff safer access to the patients when administering treatment.”

Patient Paul Battle is all about continuous improvement, adding, “If the patient is comfortable, which I have been during my treatment, time goes by very quickly. I’m also glad to hear that nurses are also benefitting from the new treatment chair. It’s great that the hospital is able to purchase the latest patient equipment with Dry July funding.”

Thank you so much to everyone involved for helping us to update our treatment chairs.

Calvary Mater Newcastle are very appreciative for two new ultrasound machines purchased for the Day Treatment Centre

Patients attending the Day Treatment Centre have regular cannulations for their chemotherapy treatment and for some patients this can be a long and uncomfortable experience.

Day Treatment Centre Nurse Unit Manager, Marissa Ledlin, comments, “Overtime, because of frequent cannulations and treatment, patients’ veins can become more problematic to cannulate. These new ultrasound machines can significantly cut back the number of attempts when staff are faced with a difficult cannulation, relieving unnecessary stress and time for our patients.”

Breast cancer patient, Tamie Geosits, has been receiving chemotherapy for almost a year. In the past, there have been occasions where cannulations have been difficult, Tamie has endured long attempts at finding a vein.

Tamie said, “Needles have never bothered me. However, on one occasion it took over an hour before a vein was found. I was bruised and pin-pricked. It was an uncomfortable and time consuming experience for me.

“On my seventh round of treatment I was cannulated by a nurse using the new ultrasound machine, five minutes later I was hooked up and receiving chemotherapy. It has been such a different experience ever since. I work in health so I understand how important this type of equipment is to both patients and staff. It’s quick and easy for both the patient and the nurse, it’s a win-win.”

Thanks to Dry July and its participants for giving us more options, making the process of difficult cannulation more effective, and less traumatic for our patients.

Dry July funds help the Calvary Mater Newcastle to enhance patient wellbeing

Dry July fundraising has enabled Calvary Mater Newcastle to purchase the following items:

• Two ultrasound machines for cannulation purposes in the Day Treatment Centre

• One standing weigh scale with height measure for the Day Treatment Centre

• Occupational Therapy Oncology Loan Pool and Pressure Care Comfort Equipment

• Pressure relieving equipment for Ward 4B (Surgical)

• Four chemotherapy treatment chairs for the Day Treatment Centre

• Mercy Hospice Arts Health Kitchen Table Conversations Project - Promoting Connections, Story Telling and Conversations about Life and Living   

This funding has allowed Calvary Mater to update and enhance a wide variety of equipment that will help make their patient’s more comfortable, whether as an inpatient or outpatient.

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