Staff and patients at Calvary Mater Newcastle are very appreciative for two new ultrasound machines purchased for the Day Treatment Centre with Dry July funding

Patients attending the Day Treatment Centre have regular cannulations for their chemotherapy treatment and for some patients this can be a long and uncomfortable experience.

Day Treatment Centre Nurse Unit Manager, Marissa Ledlin, comments, “Overtime, because of frequent cannulations and treatment, patients’ veins can become more problematic to cannulate. These new ultrasound machines can significantly cut back the number of attempts when staff are faced with a difficult cannulation, relieving unnecessary stress and time for our patients.”

Breast cancer patient, Tamie Geosits, has been receiving chemotherapy for almost a year. In the past, there have been occasions where cannulations have been difficult, Tamie has endured long attempts at finding a vein.

Tamie said, “Needles have never bothered me. However, on one occasion it took over an hour before a vein was found. I was bruised and pin-pricked. It was an uncomfortable and time consuming experience for me.

“On my seventh round of treatment I was cannulated by a nurse using the new ultrasound machine, five minutes later I was hooked up and receiving chemotherapy. It has been such a different experience ever since. I work in health so I understand how important this type of equipment is to both patients and staff. It’s quick and easy for both the patient and the nurse, it’s a win-win.”

Thanks to Dry July and its participants for giving us more options, making the process of difficult cannulation more effective, and less traumatic for our patients.

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