Dry July's 2020 funding provided four new chemotherapy chairs for Calvery Mater Newcastle Day Treatment Centre

Built for comfort 

Marissa Ledlin, Nurse Unit Manager of the Day Treatment Centre, comments, “With long hours spent receiving chemotherapy, it is important that our patients remain comfortable during this time. The new chemotherapy chairs are so comfortable, sometimes we need to wake the patients up when their treatment is complete. The chairs have silica upholstery which will reduce the risk of pressure injury to patients. A multimedia platform provides a place for personal equipment to prevent boredom and a USB port to charge their personal devices. All these features will increase patient comfort and improve their treatment experience.

“These chairs have not only proved popular with our patients, but with nurses as well. It is very important to the staff that we make the experience as comfortable as possible for our patients, the new chairs are just another thing that helps create this feeling. The chairs also have several features which give the staff safer access to the patients when administering treatment.”

Patient Paul Battle is all about continuous improvement, adding, “If the patient is comfortable, which I have been during my treatment, time goes by very quickly. I’m also glad to hear that nurses are also benefitting from the new treatment chair. It’s great that the hospital is able to purchase the latest patient equipment with Dry July funding.”

Thank you so much to everyone involved for helping us to update our treatment chairs.

Calvary Mater Newcastle Hospital

$2,461.11 raised

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