Staff and patients from Ward 4B (Surgical) at Calvary Mater Newcastle are grateful for the opportunity to purchase much needed pressure relieving equipment from 2020 Dry July funding

What a relief

The surgical ward supports patients both pre and post operatively in their cancer journey. Providing patients with equipment to facilitate a timely discharge home without complications is important. One of these preventable complications is pressure injuries. Pressure injuries are not only costly for the hospital, but can cause unnecessary pain and extend a patients stay in hospital, keeping them away from loved ones.

Lara Riley, Nurse Unit Manager, Ward 4B, said, “With the generous support of Dry July, we were able to purchase four ROHO cushions, in two different sizes.

“Surgery and treatment may prevent our patients from moving around as they would normally do, and can increase the risk of impaired skin integrity. This may lead to skin injury, pain, and potentially increased length of stay in hospital.

“The ROHO cushions assist in maintaining good skin integrity and provide comfort for patients when sitting out of bed. With more cushions, we are now able to ensure more patients can recover in comfort, getting them home to their families faster.”

Calvary Mater Newcastle Hospital

$2,461.11 raised

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