Keeping a low profile

Following the 2021 Dry July campaign, Ward 4C (Oncology) was lucky to receive funding to purchase two low-profile beds as part of a vital strategy to reduce falls and minimise harm for patients who commonly experience cognitive changes associated with advanced cancer and other chronic diseases.

Some of the features of the low profile bed include:

• An inbuilt alarm that can alert staff when the patient is getting out of bed.

• Superior positioning options to aid in the prevention of pressure areas and promotion of comfort.

• The beds are able to weigh the patient without the need to get the patient out of bed which is extremely useful in calculating doses of chemotherapy when the patient has mobility or pain issues.

• Has the capacity to cater for patients up to 270 Kg and can be extended to cater for tall patients.

Megan Kepreotis, Nurse Unit Manager Ward 4C (Oncology), commented, “We are very grateful to have been able to add two more low profile beds to our ward thanks to Dry July funding.

“The low profile beds are very popular with our patients as they are a comfortable bed, which offers a wide range of movements, and many benefits to improve patient safety.”

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