New chemo chairs and a blanket warmer for the Day Unit among the projects funded at Calvary Mater

$111,950 total funding was awarded to the Calvary Mater for projects including $20,000 for chemotherapy chairs and a blanket warmer for the day treatment unit. This included special 'matched funding' for one Dry July-er, Emily Taylor, who wanted to raise funds for the unit in support of her sister who is receiving treatment there. The new chairs include silica upholstery and a multimedia platform that will increase comfort for the patients having long treatments (6-8 hours). The chairs reduce the risk of pressure injury, provide a place for personal entertainment to prevent boredom and a USB port to charge patients personal devices.

$30,000 was awarded for the refurbishment of the waiting room in the melanoma unit. The refurbishment will include sofas, comfortable chairs, bariatric chairs, coffee table, iPads etc. Patients will be able to wait in comfort for appointments and treatments.

The remaining funds will be used to purchase Scarves and Turbans for oncology patients; various pieces of equipment and to produce videos to provide education and information to patients, carers and the public about cancer treatment at the hospital.

Calvary Mater Newcastle Hospital

$90,264.67 raised