An anonymous donor has very generously donated $100,000 to our Dry July fundraiser!

This anonymous donor vowed to match all donations made to participants supporting Bendigo Health up until the 1st of August, and added a very generous personal donation!

Funds raised from Bendigo Health's Dry July Fundraiser go towards it’s Cancer Wellness Program; a program which supports the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of people affected by cancer. These therapeutic program activities (such as yoga, meditation, art therapy, oncology massage, walking groups and dog therapy) aim to enhance the lives of people affected by cancer as they endure a difficult time. The funds will also help establish a dedicated Wellness Centre within the hospital precinct to take undertake Program activities and time out for relaxation and reflection.

Thank you so much to Bendigo Health's incredible Dry Julyers and the wonderful anonymous donor for their fantastic donation to support wellness at Bendigo Health’s Cancer Centre to help people affected by cancer.

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$400.00 raised

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