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Bendigo Health is a leading regional health service, with around 4500 staff and a catchment area covering a quarter of the size of Victoria.

Funds from our 2021 Dry July campaign will continuing to support Bendigo Health’s Cancer Centre Wellness Program and the range of programs on offer.

Bendigo Health’s Cancer Wellness Program along with the Gobbé Wellness Centre offer a place for patients to participate in wellness activities as well as a space where patients, carers or family members can retreat between or following treatment.

The Gobbé Wellness Centre is the new home of the Cancer Wellness Program, a purposed designed space for all patients needing to take time out in a quiet nurturing environment to reflect, relax and regroup.

Our dedicated Cancer Wellness Coordinator oversees the comprehensive timetable of activities through our Cancer Wellness Program, connecting our patients with a range of supportive services and complementary therapies such as oncology massage, yoga classes, music and art therapy, pet therapy and mindfulness sessions.

You can help by raising funds for Bendigo Health this Dry July so that we can continue to offer these valuable services to our local and regional patients.

The Cancer Wellness Program and Gobbé Wellness Centre would not be possible without ongoing donations and fundraising.

Latest Updates

Dry July funds have expanded a volunteer Music & Arts Project at Bendigo Health

The Music & Arts project officially launched in February 2020, coordinating volunteer musicians to come into the hospital to play the piano or other instruments in the Cancer Centre. Now the project is expanding and is bringing creative activities to Bendigo Health’s Gobbé Wellness Centre thanks to funds received through Dry July.

The project aims to provide a calming environment for patients and help reduce anxiety during their hospital visits.

Volunteer coordinator, Sue Turpie, is excited to be Coordinator of the Bendigo Health’s Volunteer Music & Arts Project. Sue enjoyed an eclectic musical upbringing, influenced by grandparents and parents who were proficient in music ranging from the classically-trained to ‘learn by ear’. While early years were spent learning the piano, it wasn’t a career choice.

Sue chose to work in media writing about the arts, rather than being directly involved. But upon becoming a parent she made the transition to music teacher, working with students of different abilities. Sue was inspired to pursue further studies, which highlighted the important role music and art play in our lives both emotionally and psychologically. Sue has found her new role at Bendigo Health to be a wonderful challenge that draws on skills built up working in these diverse fields.

Thanks to Dry July funding, Bendigo Health's incredible Gobbe Wellness Centre is the new home of their cancer wellness program

The Gobbé Wellness Centre is the new home of the Cancer Wellness Program, a purposed designed space for all patients needing to take time out in a quiet nurturing environment to reflect, relax and regroup. 

Check out the virtual tour of the incredible Gobbé Wellness Centre here

The Gobbe Wellness Centre is now open to patients thanks to funding received from the Dry July Foundation

The centre is named in honour of the Gobbé family for their significant contribution to health services in our region.

The historic building provides a place for all patients, carers and their families to take time out to reflect, relax and regroup.

Along with the space, a dedicated Cancer Wellness Coordinator oversees a timetable of activities, such as oncology massage, yoga classes, music and art therapy and mindfulness sessions. These assist in improving the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of patients, carers and their families.

In the Centre is a library of wellness resources, a sleeping pod for people attending appointments and a kitchen that people can drop in for a cuppa.

Bendigo Health are using Dry July funds for their Cancer Wellness Program and Wellness Centre

Your fundraising for Dry July will enable Bendigo Health to continue a range of wellness activities offered to cancer patients, such as in-person and tailored online yoga and meditation sessions, oncology massage, dog therapy, and fresh produce boxes delivered to vulnerable patients during COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. Funds raised will also help establish a new stand-alone Wellness Centre within the Bendigo hospital precinct, set to open in coming months.

The Wellness Centre and the activities offered will enable patients to feel supported with not only their physical health, but also their social and emotional health, leading to better health outcomes for the patient.

An anonymous donor has very generously donated $100,000 to our Dry July fundraiser!

This anonymous donor vowed to match all donations made to participants supporting Bendigo Health up until the 1st of August, and added a very generous personal donation!

Funds raised from Bendigo Health's Dry July Fundraiser go towards it’s Cancer Wellness Program; a program which supports the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of people affected by cancer. These therapeutic program activities (such as yoga, meditation, art therapy, oncology massage, walking groups and dog therapy) aim to enhance the lives of people affected by cancer as they endure a difficult time. The funds will also help establish a dedicated Wellness Centre within the hospital precinct to take undertake Program activities and time out for relaxation and reflection.

Thank you so much to Bendigo Health's incredible Dry Julyers and the wonderful anonymous donor for their fantastic donation to support wellness at Bendigo Health’s Cancer Centre to help people affected by cancer.

Check out Bendigo Health's Dry July Fundraising Page here:

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