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To ease the many burdens that go alongside the disease and its treatment, Bendigo Health offers a newly established Cancer Centre Wellness Program with a dedicated Wellness Coordinator who connects our patients with a range of supportive services and complementary therapies such as oncology massage, yoga classes, pet therapy and mindfulness sessions.

Funds from our 2020 Dry July campaign will continuing to support Bendigo Health’s Cancer Centre Wellness Program and the range of programs on offer.

With your help we aim to prevent or treat the symptoms of this insidious disease and the side effects caused by treatment, including psychological, social, and spiritual problems related to a disease or its treatment.

Funds from our wonderful 2019 Dry July participants and supplementary funding received from the Dry July Foundation funded the appointment of our Cancer Wellness Coordinator, Jenna Sing, who has developed a calendar of activities for patients and is developing a range of new programs to implement.

You can help by raising funds for Bendigo Health this Dry July. Our world class Cancer Centre which also offers medical oncology, radiation oncology, palliative care, specialist nurses, allied health services and clinical trials.

Latest Updates

Introducing Jenna Sing - Cancer Centre Wellness Coordinator

We are so excited announce that our newly appointed Cancer Centre Wellness Coordinator, Jenna Sing, began with Bendigo Health this week (w/c 19 January, 2020). Jenna is such a beautiful person, whose enthusiasm for supporting people dealing with cancer and her extensive experience in oncology are without doubt going to make her perfect for the role. Jenna has already developed a calendar of activities for patients and is looking at a range of new programs to implement. She has expressed her thanks to the Dry July participants for raising the funds to support her role and has offered some words below;

‘It is with great excitement that I begin my new role as the Cancer Wellness Co-Ordinator at Bendigo Health. After working within the oncology setting for many years, it’s a lovely transition to now be able to offer holistic care to cancer patients through funds raised by Dry July participants. The funding will go a long way in creating positive outcomes for our patients though the use of complementary therapies such as oncology massage, yoga classes, pet therapy and mindfulness sessions. I can’t thank Dry July Foundation enough for contributing enormously to the success of Bendigo Health’s Cancer Wellness Program and investing in its future‘. 

Additional funding for Wellness Program at Bendigo Health

We're pleased to announce that Bendigo Health has received an additional grant from the Dry July Foundation October grant round. to go towards the Wellness Program.

Wellness programs are paramount in cancer care to support both the physical and emotional and spiritual wellbeing of our patients. This additional grant will help expand the Wellness Program to incorporate a coordinator to act as a central point of contact to connect patients and determine the best therapies to support their care based on individual requirements. 

Dry July Wellness Program at Bendigo Health's Cancer Centre

Funds raised from Dry July 2019 will go towards a Wellness Program at Bendigo Health's Cancer Centre.

The new Wellness Program will incorporate oncology massage, cancer rehabilitation, yoga, meditation, music and pet therapy and, importantly, a coordinator to connect our patients to the services that best meets their physical and emotional needs.

More than a quarter of a million people in central Victoria rely on Bendigo Health when they need specialist treatment and care. Developing a Wellness Program will bring the Cancer Centre in line with other regional and metropolitan Cancer Centres and provide our patients with access to programs that will promote peer support and reduce some of the burden of the disease.

A Wellness Program provides evidenced based benefits which are provided in the safety of the cancer centre and knowledge of the treating clinicians. The cancer centre recently conducted a survey of our patients to better understand their preference for wellness programs.

The patients of the Bendigo Cancer Centre identified oncology massage, exercise and meditation as the top therapies that they would recommend to those diagnosed with cancer.

Dry July Launch Event

Bendigo Health hosted a Dry July launch event in the Cancer Centre on 1st July, organised by the wonderful Cancer Centre staff,  with all their ambassadors in attendance. Dr Rob Blum played piano and even Delta Dog (pet therapy) was there! A yellow blanket of flowers greeted everyone (and was sold off at $5 donation per bunch!) and CEO and Director of the Cancer Centre, Leanne Anderson, gave a great speech.  Smoothie shots were circulating and a great time was had by all. Channel 9 played a clip on the day that you can see HERE

Thank you to everyone who attended and made donations on the day. You can make donations to Bendigo Health by clicking on the 

'Soup'er fundraising efforts!

Our Cancer Centre’s Dry July team, led this year by Narelle McPhee, hosted their first fundraiser with 'soup for staff' raising a whopping $387.60.

This has kicked off Narelle and Karen’s fundraising beautifully and set the scene for our continued Dry July promotion at Bendigo Health. 

If you'd like to sign up to Dry July and raise funds for Bendigo Health, please click HERE. If you like, you can also join the Bendigo Health Team HERE! Alternatively, to make a donation to Bendigo Health, please click the big blue button to your left! Thank you for your support!

Images attached - Narelle McPhee – Manager Cancer Research, Karen Wellington – Nurse Unit Manager, Cancer Centre, Rachel Mason – Fundraising & Foundation Manager, Robyn Lindsay – Executive Director, Clinical Operations.