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To ease the many burdens that go alongside the disease and its treatment, Bendigo Health offers a newly established Cancer Centre Wellness Program with a dedicated Wellness Coordinator who connects our patients with a range of supportive services and complementary therapies such as oncology massage, yoga classes, pet therapy and mindfulness sessions.

Funds from our 2020 Dry July campaign will continuing to support Bendigo Health’s Cancer Centre Wellness Program and the range of programs on offer.

With your help we aim to prevent or treat the symptoms of this insidious disease and the side effects caused by treatment, including psychological, social, and spiritual problems related to a disease or its treatment.

Funds from our wonderful 2019 Dry July participants and supplementary funding received from the Dry July Foundation funded the appointment of our Cancer Wellness Coordinator, Jenna Sing, who has developed a calendar of activities for patients and is developing a range of new programs to implement.

You can help by raising funds for Bendigo Health this Dry July. Our world class Cancer Centre which also offers medical oncology, radiation oncology, palliative care, specialist nurses, allied health services and clinical trials.

Latest Updates

An anonymous donor has very generously donated $100,000 to our Dry July fundraiser!

This anonymous donor vowed to match all donations made to participants supporting Bendigo Health up until the 1st of August, and added a very generous personal donation!

Funds raised from Bendigo Health's Dry July Fundraiser go towards it’s Cancer Wellness Program; a program which supports the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of people affected by cancer. These therapeutic program activities (such as yoga, meditation, art therapy, oncology massage, walking groups and dog therapy) aim to enhance the lives of people affected by cancer as they endure a difficult time. The funds will also help establish a dedicated Wellness Centre within the hospital precinct to take undertake Program activities and time out for relaxation and reflection.

Thank you so much to Bendigo Health's incredible Dry Julyers and the wonderful anonymous donor for their fantastic donation to support wellness at Bendigo Health’s Cancer Centre to help people affected by cancer.

Check out Bendigo Health's Dry July Fundraising Page here:

You can read more here

DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT: Every donation to Bendigo Health will be MATCHED!

Thanks to the generosity of a wonderful donor, we're thrilled to announce that every donation made to Bendigo Health’s 2020 Dry July campaign before 1st August will be DOUBLED! 

 As you probably know, everything Bendigo Health raises through Dry July will go directly towards its Cancer Wellness Program and establishing a dedicated stand-alone Wellness Centre within the hospital precinct. 

So please ask your friends, family and workmates to dig deep and donate to your Dry July page to help us raise as much as possible!

Watch this short clip with Bendigo Health’s Cancer Wellness Coordinator, Jenna Sing, explaining more about the program and plans for the Wellness Centre. We’d love you to share this with your networks too! 

A message from Bendigo Health Cancer Centre

Cancer Care Coordinator at Bendigo Health, Jenna Sing, has established a pet therapy program, personally adopting a black Labrador named Sharlee and achieving her public access license for an assistance dog! Jenna explained, “Pet therapy within cancer setting is extremely beneficial for oncology patients as it has the ability reduce stress and anxiety often associated with medical appointments and cancer treatment. Sharlee our pet therapy dog provides a calming presence within the Cancer Centre waiting room and it’s a valued member of the Cancer Centre team”

Sharlee has been in the Cancer Centre a total of 4 times and on Friday a patients didn’t even say hello to me, he just straight away said “Where is Sharlee?” This made me so happy as I wasn’t sure how well received she would be with the pandemic situation but patients are very receptive of her presence within the Cancer Centre.  


Jenna, has also sent a lovely video to introduce Bendigo Health supporters to the new Cancer Wellness Centre. You can see the video HERE and can find more information about the Wellness Program HERE  

By supporting Bendigo Health this Dry July, you're helping people like Kate.

Kate Walsh’s breast cancer diagnosis came 16 years ago in 2004, when she was just 29. Following intensive treatment, Kate describes herself as “free and clear” of the disease. That changed 11 years later when she was devastatingly re-diagnosed in 2015. This time her breast cancer has metastasized.

Together with her husband, Darren and two young children – Lexie, a nine year old daughter and seven year old Archie – Kate has been navigating COVID-19 and the impact the pandemic has on their daily lives.

Her breast cancer continues to be treated through regular oncology appointments and chemotherapy treatments at Bendigo Health, and Darren takes care of the shopping and other errands so that Kate can avoid public places and the increased risk of infection.

A Cancer Wellness program, funded by Dry July, has run yoga therapy sessions which Kate describes as “Awesome” and as something she can’t wait to return to once restrictions are eased “I am desperate to get back there, it is just so good for my mind and managing anxiety. Every day I wake up knowing that I have cancer. Yoga just helps to be able to manage that, especially in this current environment.” Kate said.

Bendigo Health’s Cancer Wellness Coordinator, Jenna Sing, - a position also funded through Dry July – has developed innovative ways to provide additional support to vulnerable cancer patients during the coronavirus pandemic. “In these unprecedented times we are looking at how we best support our patients,” Jenna said.

“Many have been able to mentally cope with their cancer diagnosis, but now face added stressors. One initiative we are implementing is delivering boxes of locally sourced fresh fruit and veggies to ease the stress of going to grocery store. I have received really lovely feedback from patients, like Kate, who have greatly appreciated this gesture.” added Jenna.

For Kate’s family the timing was perfect, “It was unbelievable. It was just what we needed at the time.” Said Kate.

Fresh fruit boxes to support our most vulnerable cancer patients

Thanks to funding received from Dry July, Bendigo Health’s Cancer Wellness Coordinator, Jenna Sing, together with the Fundraising & Foundation team have developed innovative ways to support the most vulnerable cancer patients amid the current pandemic.

Boxes of locally sourced fresh fruit and vegies are being delivered to the homes of cancer patients who are not able to access supermarkets, don’t have readily available local support networks or no longer have the financial means to afford fresh produce.

“In these unpreceded times we are looking at how we best support our patients. Many have been able to mentally cope with their cancer diagnosis, but now face added stressors when the primary breadwinner has lost their job and all or most of their income. Often there is also the extra pressure of having kids at home.” Jenna said.

Jenna is also providing a phone calling system to check on cancer patients. This provide an extension to the service already being undertaken by Bendigo Health’s social workers, who are struggling to keep up with the increased demand at this time.

In addition, Jenna’s recent focus has been on establishing online cancer wellness programs to support patients; including self-massage video tutorials, yoga classes and online mindfulness resources. Proudly, she has also recently adopted a black Labrador named Sharlee who Jenna describes as “an absolute legend in preparation for on-site pet therapy session in Bendigo Health’s Cancer Centre when things return to normal and the regular Cancer Wellness Program is ready to recommence.

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