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Bendigo Health’s involvement with Dry July aligns so well, as it aims to raise funds to improve the wellbeing of people affected by cancer and awareness of drinking habits and the value of a balanced healthy lifestyle.

Dry July has supported Bendigo Health over many years and recently the successful implementation of the Cancer Rehabilitation Exercise Program and the refurbishment of the Lucan Street Cancer Patient Accommodation.

This year funds raised through Dry July 2019 will go directly to the new Wellness Program that incorporates oncology massage, cancer rehabilitation, yoga, meditation, music and pet therapy and importantly a coordinator to connect our patients to the services that best meets their physical and emotional needs. More than a quarter of a million people in central Victoria rely on Bendigo Health when they need specialist treatment and care. Developing a Wellness Program will bring the Cancer Centre in line with other regional and metropolitan Cancer Centres and provide our patients with access to programs that will promote peer support and reduce some of the burden of the disease. A Wellness Program provides evidenced based benefits which are provided in the safety of the cancer centre and knowledge of the treating clinicians. The cancer centre recently conducted a survey of our patients to better understand their preference for wellness programs. The patients of the Bendigo Cancer Centre identified oncology massage, exercise and meditation as the top therapies that they would recommend to those diagnosed with cancer.

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Latest Updates

Scalp Cooling Cap System

Bendigo Health is using Dry July 2016 funds towards the purchase of a scalp cooling system. The system will give chemotherapy patients the opportunity to significantly improve hair retention during treatment. It can result in a high level of retention or complete hair preservation for some patients, which can significantly improve self-confidence and dignity during a difficult time.

Nolan Street Renovation Update

On the 5th of May, Joel (Project Manager for the Nolan Street Unit renovations), Sharyn (Occupational Therapist) and Jane (Director - Bendigo Health Foundation) were fine tuning the renovation plans for the Nolan Street cancer accommodation to ensure they will have the best outcomes for everyone. The builders will start Mid-year and we look forward to posting some photo’s along the way.

Support for Accommodation Refurbishments

The Dry July Foundation awarded additional funding through a grant to Bendigo Health towards the Nolan Street Unit Refurbishment project in 2015.

The Foundation is pleased to be able to offer this additional support to ensure the renovations can be completed as soon as possible and benefit cancer patients, their carers and families, as they travel to Bendigo for treatment from around regional Victoria.

Refurbished accommodation

Bendigo Health is using funds raised by 2014 and 2015 Dry July participants to refurbish 6 accommodation units in Nolan Street, Bendigo. The units are reserved for those patients and their families and carers who are required travel to Bendigo Health for cancer treatment.

Publican Goes Dry For Bendigo Health

Lockington is a small town in regional Victoria, about 200km north of Melbourne, and has a population of less than 1,000. Lockington Hotel’s Sandy Schroen is taking part in Dry July - and it’s an impressive challenge for her, as Sandy serves alcohol six days a week.

‘‘I do love to socialise and I am pretty involved in the community and community events, so it hasn’t been easy,’’ she said with a laugh.

Sandy signed up when her daughter nominated her on Facebook, with over 3,000 people seeing the post, so she felt that she couldn’t back out.

‘‘Since then I have had so many people say ‘I’ll shout you a drink’, but I’ve just had to tell them ‘Wait until August’.’’

Locky pub patrons have been generous, putting notes and coins in to a collection at the pub.

Sandy says cancer has impacted a large proportion of the Locky population, and she personally has lost both her younger sister and a close friend to the disease. Her nominated beneficiary is Bendigo Health.

‘‘Our community always gets behind each other’s causes and this time it’s been no different,’’ Mrs Schroen said. ‘‘The cause is close to a lot of our hearts.’’

Sandy has been Locky’s publican for two years.

Photo credit: Jayme Lowndes

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