A message from Bendigo Health Cancer Centre

Cancer Care Coordinator at Bendigo Health, Jenna Sing, has established a pet therapy program, personally adopting a black Labrador named Sharlee and achieving her public access license for an assistance dog! Jenna explained, “Pet therapy within cancer setting is extremely beneficial for oncology patients as it has the ability reduce stress and anxiety often associated with medical appointments and cancer treatment. Sharlee our pet therapy dog provides a calming presence within the Cancer Centre waiting room and it’s a valued member of the Cancer Centre team”

Sharlee has been in the Cancer Centre a total of 4 times and on Friday a patients didn’t even say hello to me, he just straight away said “Where is Sharlee?” This made me so happy as I wasn’t sure how well received she would be with the pandemic situation but patients are very receptive of her presence within the Cancer Centre.  


Jenna, has also sent a lovely video to introduce Bendigo Health supporters to the new Cancer Wellness Centre. You can see the video HERE and can find more information about the Wellness Program HERE  

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