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Funds raised through Dry July 2022 will help to improve the patient experience for people undergoing cancer treatment at Barwon Health’s Andrew Love Cancer Centre.

Barwon Health’s Andrew Love Cancer Centre and Cancer Services is a comprehensive, integrated service providing world class cancer care for adults across the Victorian Southwest region.

The program includes:
• Specialist medical oncology and haematology
• Dedicated Radiation Therapy Service with state of the art treatment machines, servicing over 1,000 patients from across the region
• Dedication inpatient oncology ward
• Refurbished day ward and oncology pharmacy
• Hospital in the home program to provide care at home where possible
• Broad allied health services including physio, dietetics, speech pathology, psychology and specialist dental support
• Supportive Care Program with a Wellness Lounge
• Clinical Trials Unit providing access to cutting edge treatments
• Accommodation units for patients and carers needing to travel to attend treatment
• Exercise therapy program

This year, with your help we are fundraising to support the continuation of comfort and care therapies and wellness programs delivered across Barwon Health Cancer Services. The therapies include exercise therapy and art therapy which provide patients receiving treatment both as inpatients and day stay patients with physical, mental and emotional health benefits.

The funds will also support activities within the Wellness Lounge. The Wellness Lounge provides a space for patients and their families to seek support, comfort and simply retreat and relax.

The Lounge is a place to have a cup of tea, wait for your appointments in a comfortable environment or simply have a chat with the wellness team.
It is a beautiful, relaxing and welcoming space.

Each year, Barwon Health care for and treats over 20,000 patients from the Geelong and Victorian Southwest Region with 2,400 being new patients.

For more information about Barwon Health’s Cancer Services please visit

Latest Updates

#ProjectLove at Barwon Health

The Barwon Health Foundation Hospital Appeal #ProjectLove launched in February 2015. The overall project is estimated at $3 million and will see the Andrew Love Cancer Centre chemotherapy dayward redeveloped.

Dry July 2015 funds will be used to help fund patient comfort items and furnishings in the new dayward which will offer patients more privacy, comfort and space for their loved ones and visitors.

New Chemotherapy Diaries

The Dry July Foundation was able to award a grant to Barwon Health Foundation in 2015, for the purpose of purchasing new patient chemotherapies diaries for the Andrew Love Cancer Centre. These diaries help patients keep track off all of their treatment information in one place. 

Previous funding from Dry July enabled the initial design and print run of these booklets.

Fit out at the Supportive Care Centre in Geelong

Barwon Health is using a portion of funds from Dry July 2013 to assist with the fit out of the planned Supportive Care Centre for the Andrew Love Cancer Centre. 

The centre will include quiet spaces, complementary therapy session, treatment and waiting areas, and resource libraries. Funds will go towards items including couches, TVs, DVDs, refreshment area equipment, chairs, privacy screens, etc.

Exercise Therapy in Geelong

Barwon Health is again using Dry July funds to offer a free exercise therapy program to patients at the Andrew Love Cancer Centre.

Funds have previously purchased exercise equipment for the centre.

Chemotherapy Diaries for Barwon Health

Dry July is proud to have funded a pilot at Barwon Health’s Andrew Love Cancer Centre in Geelong for patient chemotherapy diaries.

These booklets contain in depth information on chemotherapy treatment for patients at the centre, as well as key contact information, and individual record keeping pages - so they can travel with patients for quick reference.