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Funds raised through Dry July 2020 will help improve the patient experience for people undergoing cancer treatment at Barwon Health’s Andrew Love Cancer Centre.

Barwon Health’s Cancer Services provides world class treatment options including radiotherapy treatment, chemotherapy, apheresis unit/stem cell collection, transplant clinic and haematology services. We have a dedicated cancer inpatient ward at University Hospital Geelong, and a range of complementary services such as clinical trials and pharmacy at the Andrew Love Cancer Centre allowing us to offer patients the very best treatments available.

This year, with your help we’re fundraising for comfort and care therapies and equipment across Barwon Health Cancer Services. The therapies include exercise therapy and art therapy which will provide patients having treatment at University Hospital Geelong with physical, mental and emotional health benefits.

Dry July has made a big difference on patients receiving care at the Andrew Love Cancer Centre. Funds from Dry July 2019 have provided a refurbishment of the accommodation at Ba-Lee Lodges which provide essential accommodation for patients based in regional areas.

The Ba-Lee Lodge complex comprises of five self-contained units, a communal laundry and al fresco area. These units were originally donated following the Bali bombing disaster by the Lee Family in memory of their children. Funding from Dry July will help to repaint, recarpet and refurnish to help create a home away from home. Cancer patients from the Barwon South West Region who are attending Andrew Love Cancer Centre and University Hospital Geelong for consultation, treatment, surgery or recovery can use this accommodation during treatment.

Funds raised through Dry July 2020 will help provide support to vital programs and activities at Barwon Health’s Andrew Love Cancer Centre Wellness Lounge. The Wellness Lounge incorporates wellness components and provides a range of therapies for patients as well as lifestyle and survivorship programs. The therapies provided combine with allied health services such as social work, psychology and pastoral care support.

Every year, Barwon Health cares for and treats over 20,000 individual cancer patients from the Geelong and Western Victoria region, with 2,400 of these being new cancer patients. For more information about Barwon Health Cancer Services, please visit

Latest Updates

Andrew Love Cancer Centre takes first steps in construction

As part of the #Projectlove - Andrew Love Cancer Centre Redevelopment, the Barwon Health Foundation team along with Day Ward and Pharmacy staff input, have taken the first steps of commencing the project and construction through initial concept plan development.

The redevelopment will dramatically change the efficiency and atmosphere of the Chemotherapy Day Ward. 

Project Love is to be fully funded by the community, and the funds from Dry July will provide more privacy and comfort for those treated at the Andrew Love Cancer Centre. 

Benefits include:

- More privacy and space for patients in the Day Ward

- A more comfortable, efficient and modern Day Ward

- More efficient facilities in the Oncology Pharmacy to support the continued growth in the volume of manufactured chemotherapy drugs.

- More space for the individual counselling of patients, particularly with the increase in the use of oral chemotherapy treatments.

- A direct link between Oncology Pharmacy and Day Ward - allowing for safer and more efficient transport and delivery of drugs. 

Read more at the Barwon Health Foundation's website:

#ProjectLove Redevelopment

The #ProjectLove chemotherapy day ward redevelopment at Barwon Health will provide more privacy and comfort for the 220 people per week who are treated in the Andrew Love Cancer Centre. The redevelopment will provide more individual and private treatment spaces and new equipment to ensure that all who attend the ALCC have the optimal state- of -the- art treatment and care.

Dry July 2016 funding will benefit this project.

Art Therapy and Exercise Therapy

Grant funding was given to Barwon Health Foundation by the Dry July Foundation for implementing a new art therapy program as well as an exercise therapy program on the Baxter 6 Cancer Ward at University Hospital.

These programs will be free for cancer patients, and may offer relief by helping to alleviate anxiety, reduce pain, and build strength (both physical and emotional).

#ProjectLove at Barwon Health

The Barwon Health Foundation Hospital Appeal #ProjectLove launched in February 2015. The overall project is estimated at $3 million and will see the Andrew Love Cancer Centre chemotherapy dayward redeveloped.

Dry July 2015 funds will be used to help fund patient comfort items and furnishings in the new dayward which will offer patients more privacy, comfort and space for their loved ones and visitors.

New Chemotherapy Diaries

The Dry July Foundation was able to award a grant to Barwon Health Foundation in 2015, for the purpose of purchasing new patient chemotherapies diaries for the Andrew Love Cancer Centre. These diaries help patients keep track off all of their treatment information in one place. 

Previous funding from Dry July enabled the initial design and print run of these booklets.

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