Kylie's Story - where her 2018 raised funds are going!

Yay! I reached my fundraising goal for Andrew Love Cancer Centre! On top of this the Dry July Foundation agreed to top up my total to fully fund the a project that will have an immediate and tangible effect - printing of nutritional cookbooks. These cook books are handed out to all patients to ensure they are able to care and cook for themselves at home in between treatment. The recipes are great for those that are not used to cooking healthy food, or need to avoid certain foods due to their treatment side effects etc.

It’s so easy to fundraise and obtain funds for a cause you're passionate about. This is me.  

My friends, family and colleagues were so happy to donate to such a great cause after hearing/seeing the way the AMAZING staff are in at Andrew Love whilst I received chemotherapy. I shared my link daily on facebook and through emails, texts etc explaining why and how I intended to raise the money to help others suffering like myself. My brother in law passed 4 weeks ago from pancreatic cancer and I was totally committed to reaching my goal in his name for our family. I am super blessed to have such awesome support in my friends and they help in any way they can. I truly hope they never have anyone go through what I have had too.  

This is just the start. Once I have finished all my treatment I want to donate my time helping the volunteers hand out magazines, lunch etc . At the moment I’m still currently popping in with little treats for the girls before I start radiation. These women help a lot more than they realise. 

Barwon Health's Andrew Love Cancer Centre, Geelong

$140,179.79 raised

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