Car for Barwon Health

Patients will now have a brand new car to get to their appointments at Barwon Health thanks to a brand new car funded by the Dry July Foundation.

The new car has been added to the Volunteer Transport Program at Barwon Health and will help those patients who need assistance to reach their life-saving appointments and treatment at Barwon Health's Andrew Love Cancer Centre.

In 2017, Dry July donated more than $154,000 for the comfort and care of cancer patients at Barwon Health. Some of the items funded this year have included exercise therapy, a patient art program, music therapy, nutrition support and edible gardens, carer support and massage.

Dry July Foundation CEO & Co-Founder, Brett Macdonald, believes the new car will make a big difference to cancer patients and is exactly what Dry July is about,

“The Dry July Foundation is proud to have funded the volunteer patient vehicle for patients of Andrew Love Cancer Centre. This vehicle will help patients be transported to and from their chemotherapy/radiation therapy appointments and their homes.

The new Dry July vehicle means an extra 200 patients a year will be able to use the transport service offered by Andrew Love Cancer Centre, helping to reduce the stress associated with getting to and from appointments. This will help improve the wellbeing of people affected by cancer, which is what Dry July is all about. 

Thank you to the Dry July participants who helped raise the funds for the vehicle – your fundraising is making a real difference to cancer patients and their families in your local community.” 

The brand new Subaru was also part of this fundraising and grant program in 2017.

Barwon Health's Andrew Love Cancer Centre, Geelong

$84,537.96 raised