Ian and Barb's Story

Ian and Barb were the first residents of the Ba-Lee Lodges after they were recently refurbished thanks to funding from the Dry July Foundation.

Ian was a patient of Barwon Health’s Andrew Love Cancer Centre receiving 8 weeks of radiation therapy.

With the couple living in Mildura the relief of not having to worry about finding accommodation for the duration of Ian’s treatment was great.

The Ba-Lee Lodges are located in close proximity to the Andrew Love Cancer Centre which makes getting to and from treatment easy for patients and with the recent upgrades the units are now more than ever a home away from home for patients and their families.

Although this time was very difficult for Ian and his wife Barb, he described their stay at the Ba-Lee Lodges as “almost like a holiday”

Thanks to the generosity of the Dry July Foundation the much loved Ba-Lee Lodges that have been part of the Andrew Love Cancer Centre for over 15 years received a makeover. The facility provides vital accommodation to patients during their treatment, providing a home away from home.

The units received refurbishments to the inside and the outdoor garden space was upgraded to create a calm, welcoming space for patients to relax.

Barwon Health's Andrew Love Cancer Centre, Geelong