Clinical Nurse Specialist, Katie, shares her story.

My name is Katie, and I am a clinical nurse specialist at the Andrew Love Cancer Centre. I live In Ocean Grove with my husband and 3 boys. Life is busy but love life near the beach. I have worked at the centre for 16 years and I am a small part of a fantastic dedicated team. My role is to provide patients with not only their chemotherapy but ongoing support and education to patients and their families during this challenging and stressful time.

The best part of my job is getting to know patients and their families and share stories. You really become part of their lives and they do in ours. We support patients from diagnosis and treatment and help them work through side effects and uncertainties caused by their cancer. We are very lucky to have a beautifully new renovated Day ward supported by Dry July and the Barwon Health Foundation that provides a calm environment and we strive to make a very difficult time that little bit easier. Our patients are amazing the way they just get on with their treatment, while juggling work, family life and life’s general busy-ness.

I have signed up to do Dry July. I have been involved with dry July for 8 years. The reason I support and sign up for Dry July every year is I see every day the fantastic benefits that it provides to improve patients experience in the Andrew love Centre.

Dry July has supported so many programs in the wellness lounge such as the massage therapy , yoga & art program, the patient entertainment systems. These programs couldn’t run without the funding from Dry July and they are so important to help support our patients. So if you can jump on board and sign up today!

I love catching up my friends over a wine or too but just not in July. My family and friends are great supporters of my dry July camping and they know it’s coming. So thank you for all your support and I am proud to be a dry July ambassador.

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