Complementary therapy making a difference

Complementary therapies are used alongside conventional cancer treatment to help manage the symptoms and side effects of cancer. An increasing evidence base demonstrates that particular complementary therapies are valuable in reducing some of the symptoms of cancer and its treatment. They encompasses a range of programs promoting a whole-person integrated approach to health and wellbeing, focusing beyond their medical treatment, by addressing one's physical health, mental/psychological health, social and spiritual needs. Funding raised by Ballarat Regional Intergrated Cancer Centre supporters during Dry July 2018 plus a grant from Dry July Foundation ensured the wellness program that includes massage, meditation, shiatsu, art therapy, yoga, Reiki and music therapy, continued throughout the year at no cost to patients.

Patient Comments include 'I never thought I would end up needing to use the cancer centre; none of us do. But when I was diagnosed, the Wellness Centre was a fabulous place to help deal with all of the emotions and issues that arise with that diagnosis. Having access to free programs was fabulous and helped me get through my treatment. We are very lucky to have the centre'. William

Thank you to all of the Dry July Participants who raise funds for BRICC and Dry July Foundation, this program continues to be available because of you!

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