It's a Dry July for Peter, in honour of his daughter, Shantelle

Peter’s daughter Shantelle has bravely battled cancer, and he has decided to do Dry July in her honour. Shantelle was treated at Royal Melbourne Hospital, so when Shantelle asked her dad to go Dry in July to raise funds for Royal Melbourne Hospital, he immediately said 'No worries, I can do that'.

“Shantelle is my inspiration. After everything she has been through with her treatment, giving up beer is not a big thing.”

By raising funds this Dry July, Peter is helping The Royal Melbourne Hospital continue to provide the best possible care for their cancer patients.

“My strategies?”, said Peter. “Tie my hands behind my back, don’t visit anyone and just drink coke and water.

“Seriously, it’s not the end of the world to give up beer for a month. She had to give up so much, including donuts! I can do it.”

The Royal Melbourne Hospital

$16,027.85 raised

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