Furnishings and Programs at The Royal Melbourne Hospital

The Royal Melbourne Hospital has planned to use funds from Dry July 2015 towards a number of areas around the hospital to help make cancer patients a little more comfortable:

Replacement waiting room chairs in ward 3 East (the existing chairs were over 5 years old and endure heavy duty use).

Washing machine and dryer in the palliative care unit, for patient use. Patients feel more comfortable when able to wear their own clothing. The hospital laundry is not able to wash patients’ clothing, so having a washer and dry in-house will make a big difference to patients and their families.

Refurbished rooms in the palliative care unit, assisting with renovations to increase from 2 to 4 private rooms.

Expansion of the Bridge of Support breast cancer service, which is a peer support program run in conjunction with BreaCan.

The Royal Melbourne Hospital

$16,184.75 raised

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