The Royal Melbourne Hospital benefits from Dry July funding

Your fundraising for Dry July has enabled The Royal Melbourne Hospital to purchase items for:

Breezy Relax Wheelchair – this will enable lower level brain and spinal cord tumour patients to leave the ward with their families

Ipads / Bluetooth speaker – to assist patients with primary brain tumours to stay connected to their family and friends via social media, email and video calls

Wig Library – providing dignity for women undergoing chemotherapy with associated hair loss

Breast reconstruction photo album – helping women requiting a mastectomy with decision making

Head & Neck patient care room – providing a room where head & neck, gastro and hepatobiliary patients can tube feed in privacy

Mobile studios – to deliver our therapeutic songwriting program safely in our specialized ‘Hepa filtrated’ rooms in our Haematology Ward, and also in the garden to meet the need of our cancer inpatients and families

Clothing & Toiletries – providing dignity and lessen anxiety experienced by patients who have no access to changes of clothing or toiletries

Furniture for family meeting room – to create a comfortable, safe environment whilst supporting patients and their families

Forte Zephair Critical Care Pain & Pressure Mattresses - to provide comfort and pain management in terminal stages of life

The Royal Melbourne Hospital are so grateful for your support and contribution to making a positive difference in the lives of people affected by cancer. Dry Julyers, you should be so proud.

The Royal Melbourne Hospital

$431.00 raised

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