Thank you for supporting The Royal Melbourne Hospital

Your fundraising for Dry July in 2018 has enabled The Royal Melbourne Hospital to purchase vital equipment for our Haematology Ward, such as a Portable ECG machine that can help us pick up heart abnormalities. For patients in isolated rooms this means that they can have an ECG taken without the machine in the room and this will reduce the risk of spread of infection.

Cancer-survivor Shantelle has been coming to the RMH to receive treatment for cancer from our Head and Neck team. Her dad, Peter, did Dry July last year to support her and to help raise money for cancer services at the RMH. With thanks to Peter and all of you who participated in Dry July, the Head and Neck team will also be getting some new equipment which includes iPads for patients to use while they are receiving treatment – a simple thing that can make a huge difference!

On behalf of Shantelle, and our cancer patients across Victoria, we say THANK YOU – you’ve helped us transform the lives of people in their greatest time of need. 

The Royal Melbourne Hospital

$16,058.95 raised

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