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Help the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation raise vital funds so that cancer patients across the Prince of Wales Hospital cancer services can access the highest standard of care possible.

The Prince of Wales Hospital’s Nelune Comprehensive Cancer Centre (NCCC) delivers modern facilities for Prince of Wales Hospital patients and provides an integrated, coordinated, patient-centred approach to the treatment and post-care of patients. Over 5000 cancer patients are treated at the NCCC each year and numbers are increasing by around 100 patients a year.

The NCCC’s state of the art radiation therapy service provides specialised care for patients who come from all over NSW and even from interstate. We also house the biggest hereditary cancer unit in NSW and operate a youth cancer service.

To optimise the health and wellbeing of people living with and beyond cancer, we are also soon opening a Cancer Survivorship Centre in 2019. The Centre will provide survivors and their families with resources to better manage their treatment beyond acute diagnosis and care. So many issues faced by cancer survivors go beyond physical health and include mental and emotional health, financial matters, as well as social and spiritual matters. Well-equipped and flexible spaces for support group activities are an important component of the Survivorship Centre.

Dry July has funded projects aimed at making our cancer patients more comfortable since 2008 and we are delighted about this support!

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2018 was a fantastic year for Dry July at the Prince of Wales Hospital with nearly $50,000 raised and over 80 participants – please help us exceed this with YOUR support in 2019 so we can continue to give the best care possible to our patients.

Latest Updates

Prince of Wales Hospital receives a grant from the Dry July Foundation

We're proud to announce that Prince of Wales Hospital has received a grant from the Dry July Foundation 2018 Grant Program.

The grant will go towards the following: 

• Fit out of Cancer Survivorship Centre with video-conferencing and AV/VC to run tele-health programs for patients accessing the Centre’s services by distance.

• Purchase of vital furniture for the Cancer Survivorship Centre

2017 funding provides comfortable waiting area and free WiFi - Mikaila's Story

Early last year I was diagnosed with an extremely rare and highly aggressive cancer called alveolar soft part sarcoma. There are only 20 cases per year in Australia. I’m from Shellharbour, near Wollongong. My oncologist referred me to the Nelune Comprehensive Cancer Centre at the Prince of Wales Hospital so that I can receive the specialist care I need.  

My mum and I come to the Centre every second Tuesday for clinic appointments and every three months for scans, however when I am unwell with treatment I come up more often. At the moment, I’m transitioning from one treatment to the other. This treatment is called a TKI inhibitor; a targeted therapy meaning it targets the cancer directly, my cancer doesn't respond to chemotherapy making it difficult to treat. 

During my visits I use the lounges and the wifi [made possible with the help of Dry July] regularly. Being 22 years young, I find these facilities make my life so much more comfortable. Spending a lot of time in the hospital means that my phone data usage can get very pricey. The wifi here has made it possible to surf the web while not having to stress about the money being spent. I also find it very useful for doing study while receiving treatment. So many of the younger patients are in the middle of their studies and a cancer diagnosis really puts your life on hold. Being able to study here is a big plus. 

My aspiration is to become a hairdresser and do more studies in hair and make-up. I also want to get the media on board to raise awareness about my form of cancer because it’s so rare. If I can have a voice I will tell my story, not only for me but for all the other sufferers out there.  

I’ve found my treatment here wonderful; every department in the hospital takes the time to make sure I am comfortable and happy. For example, after my surgery and when I was receiving transfusions and was being treated alongside older patients, the nurses always take the time to come and socialise with us young ones.  

My care has been nothing but amazing, I have always felt comfortable and happy and when I am sad there is always a shoulder to cry on, [staff] really go above and beyond to make sure their patients have quality of life.  

- Mikaila

Seeing your daughter suffer from a disease that we have no control over is hard, but what makes it a little easier is the care she receives, making sure she is always happy and content is what makes this easier for me. 

- Mikaila's mum

Recent projects at Prince of Wales Hospital

Over the last year the Prince of Wales Hospital has used Dry July funding towards these wonderful projects:

- Purchasing lounges for young adult cancer services areas, particularly the waiting areas

- 3 years of free WiFi for cancer patients at POWH Nelune Comprehensive Cancer Centre

- Wig Library fit out with purpose built shelving and storage specifically designed for the storage of wigs and scarves and other accessories

Dry July funds chemotherapy chairs at Prince of Wales Hospital

Dry July has funded new chemotherapy chairs at Prince of Wales Hospital.

Steph, who was treated at Prince of Wales, and has since finished her treatment, was very appreciative of the new and more comfortable chemotherapy chairs...

“Theses chairs are so much more comfy than the old ones and even better – each chair has a view outside and is easy to charge device from the chair so I was able to keep up with my studies and with friends even while I was getting my treatment”. 

Steph's story

“It’s a long way from home to be fighting cancer”

Steph knows all about being resilient in the face of adversity. She is an international student studying theology while she is here in Australia working with others to contribute to the community.

“My family are back in Switzerland – and this is a long way from them but I wanted to continue my studies so I am going it on my own and I’m getting there”.

Steph thought her busy life of study and community work was the main reason why she was tired and had headaches. Trips to her GP and tests showed very little unusual but she just felt something was not quite right.

Last year in September – it all finally became clear. It was Hodgkins Lymphoma. Her treatment began straight away and she began chemo.

“I have been lucky because I have been treated in the old part of the Hospital …and now I am treated in the new part of the Hospital that Dry July has helped fund – and the difference is amazing”.

Steph loves the new open surroundings in the Prince of Wales Hospital Nelune Comprehensive Cancer Centre.

“I love the water and sea here in Australia so when I am here getting my treatment I find the seascape murals in the waiting areas and treatment rooms so important.”

Steph’s treatment is continuing and she is looking forward to getting back to her studies.

“Dry July has done an amazing job in helping patients like me get the best care possible – support Dry July and you will be making things even better for patients at Prince of Wales Hospital.”