Prince of Wales cancer survivor, Angela Wales, is grateful for the support given by Dry July Foundation

Angela Wales grew up the oldest of five children in Walcha NSW. Through her life she has worked around the world as a librarian (Cambridge, UK), field archaeological assistant (Greece) and travel consultant (London and the executive director of the Australian Writers Guild. She ultimately became Executive Director of the Writers Guild Foundation. The WGA West is one of the more powerful Hollywood unions, also representing writers working in film, television and other AV fields.

She retired from the Foundation and returned to Australia in late 2013 to help take care of her elderly mother. It was at this time she was diagnosed with breast cancer. While having her at chemotherapy at Prince of Wales Hospital - she decided that faced with the question of her mortality that she needed to document her own life if she didn't do it now she never would. Her book detailing her early life – Barefoot in the Bindis was published in 2018 becoming a best seller. She is a strong supporter of the care and service she received at Prince of Wales Hospital and the dedication of the staff who looked after her.  

“I am very excited to see the new Survivorship Centre for people like me and as a girl who grew up in the country I know the value of the virtual care supported by Dry July” 

The Prince of Wales Hospital

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