Steph's story

“It’s a long way from home to be fighting cancer”

Steph knows all about being resilient in the face of adversity. She is an international student studying theology while she is here in Australia working with others to contribute to the community.

“My family are back in Switzerland – and this is a long way from them but I wanted to continue my studies so I am going it on my own and I’m getting there”.

Steph thought her busy life of study and community work was the main reason why she was tired and had headaches. Trips to her GP and tests showed very little unusual but she just felt something was not quite right.

Last year in September – it all finally became clear. It was Hodgkins Lymphoma. Her treatment began straight away and she began chemo.

“I have been lucky because I have been treated in the old part of the Hospital …and now I am treated in the new part of the Hospital that Dry July has helped fund – and the difference is amazing”.

Steph loves the new open surroundings in the Prince of Wales Hospital Nelune Comprehensive Cancer Centre.

“I love the water and sea here in Australia so when I am here getting my treatment I find the seascape murals in the waiting areas and treatment rooms so important.”

Steph’s treatment is continuing and she is looking forward to getting back to her studies.

“Dry July has done an amazing job in helping patients like me get the best care possible – support Dry July and you will be making things even better for patients at Prince of Wales Hospital.”

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