Dry July 2019 fundraising enables Cancer Survivorship Garden at POWH Cancer Survivorship Centre

Thanks to funds raised through Dry July 2019, the Dry July Foundation is able to fund a new Cancer Survivorship Garden, which will create a beautiful, calming environment for the newly developed Cancer Survivorship Centre.

The purpose of the Prince of Wales Hospital Cancer Survivorship Centre is to optimise the health and wellbeing of people living with and beyond cancer by engaging everyone who is impacted by cancer, as empowered partners. The Survivorship Garden will help achieve that by providing a space for wellness outside of the centre which will include detailed landscaping and wellness pieces.

Research has shown evidence that green nature, sunlight and fresh air are essential components of healing especially in settings of large municipal hospitals. Many patients have stated feeling different and more positive after spending time in one of the POWH gardens, including the Oncology Garden supported by Dry July back in 2015.

The Survivorship Garden is meant to have similar positive effects and help provide an area for cancer survivors to:

- Experience wellness

- Reduce stress

- Help a patient come to terms with their diagnosis

- Provide relaxation

- Help with rehabilitation

- Offer a natural therapeutic environment

- Providing survivors and their families with a space away from the hospital

The Prince of Wales Hospital

$41,703.71 raised