Projects made possible at The Alfred thanks to funds raised during Dry July

The Alfred is back on board for Dry July in 2020 and ready to raise critical funds for those who come to us for treatment in their time of need.

This year we’ll be continuing to invest in existing programmes and exploring new opportunities that support the recovery journey for cancer patients who visit The Alfred for their treatments.

We know it’s a tough year for many and are grateful for any support that people are still able to offer in these challenging times.

Here is an overview of the valuable projects that have been made possible thanks to Dry July fundraising and examples of how your fundraising contributes.

Sky Ceiling

Last year we installed a new sky ceiling to help patients with cancer feel at ease while undergoing their radiotherapy treatment. This may seem like a small change but research has shown that improvements to treatment spaces such as this one have been proven to lower blood pressure, speed up recovery times and reduce overall stress and anxiety when patients could be undergoing treatment for up to 40 minutes.

Music Therapy

For some time now Dr Lucy Forrest, Senior Music Therapist has been able to offer music therapy to cancer patients at The Alfred through their treatment. Music therapy is an evidence-based practice that has been proven to positively influence experiences of anxiety, fatigue, quality of life, pain, heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate for cancer patients – all aiding in their recovery.

Cancer Ward Garden

Previously, funds raised have been used to make improvements to the garden area outside the cancer ward. This offers those undergoing treatment a green haven to wait in between appointments and treatments and we all know the benefits that nature and green spaces has for our stress levels.

Patient Accommodation Program

The Alfred have been able to provide rural and regional patients and their families with accommodation very close to the hospital. This service has made a world of difference by cutting the costs of seeking treatment for patients and families who would otherwise need to pay for private accommodation, as well as making it easier for regional family members to be close by – another proven way to enhance patient

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