Dry July 2018 - Thank you from 'The Alfred'

Another Dry July over and another remarkable year for The Alfred. Congratulations to everyone who completed their own Dry July challenge, Golden Tickets notwithstanding, and thank you to everyone who sponsored someone, your support is also greatly appreciated.

Each year, we continue to be warmed by the wonderful contribution the community has bestowed upon The Alfred, helping to improve the lives of those dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. You all play a very real role in helping ease the stresses and strains on our patients and for that we cannot thank you enough.

The Alfred looks after many thousands of people living with cancer every year, and we see first-hand the difficult fight that patients and their families face. The changes made possible by Dry July funding have helped to make our patient’s journeys a little brighter and make that battle a little easier. You should be so very proud of the contribution you make in helping to bring about those improvements and provide comfort to those facing a difficult time in their lives.

On behalf of the staff and patients at The Alfred, thank you for your dry efforts, you are amazing!

Bronwen and Lisa (Alfred Health Radiation Oncology reception team and Alfred DJs)

The Alfred, Melbourne

$1,693.93 raised

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