Wellbeing at St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney

The Kinghorn Cancer Wellness Centre is thrilled to announce that the first Group Wellbeing Programs for 2019 are underway, made possible by the generosity of our Dry July fundraisers. Our group programs aim to make the burden of a cancer diagnosis and treatment a little easier, connect patients with each other, allow creative expression and impart new skills to take into everyday life.

Under the umbrella of our integrated Wellness Centre, we are able to run four fully-funded programs over the 2019 year as follows: 

• Meditation & Mindfulness – 3 x 8-week sessions 

• Yoga Therapy – 4 x 6 weeks sessions

• Art Therapy – 10 x monthly sessions

• Cancer Council ENRICHing Survivorship Healthy Lifestyle Workshop – 2 x 8 week sessions

Our Meditation and Art Therapy groups are already underway, with Yoga due to start in March. We have been able to schedule a number of groups over the year, in order to give access to as many of our patients as possible. We have received some wonderful feedback from participants so far… 

“I thought the group leader did an excellent program, taking the ideas people expressed, and developing them in to ways to reduce the problems and emotional toll of living with cancer while still managing everyday life - and doing so in a variety of ways, which were extremely interesting. And doing it in such a way that people felt comfortable expressing themselves.” 

“Having arrived stressed, I felt better when I left, and was given strategies to help to manage the coming year. Being free takes a huge load off the financial burden with illness. I find the insight of others who have experienced cancer helpful, and it is good to know that you are not alone.” 

“I found the group very beneficial. I found there were common threads, such as other problems which add to the stress of the journey with cancer, and the solutions people have found. Being able to express myself freely, without worrying about the effect on friends or family, certainly lowers the stress.” 

“I was very happy and appreciative of being able to attend the programme at no cost and to share emotional experiences with other cancer survivors.” 

“A big thank you for your continuous support to the improvement of our wellbeing.” 

St Vincent's Hospital Sydney

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