More men and families benefit from Dry July funded PCFA Prostate Cancer Specialist Nursing Services

With thanks to Dry July Foundation, PCFA has significantly expanded its Specialist Nursing Service with the launch of a new nationwide Telenursing Service.

Thanks to your donations, our hospital-based nurses and telenurses are successfully meeting the growing demand for support of Australian men and families with prostate cancer:

• Over 300 new Telenursing calls each month

• Over 1700 new survivors connect each month

• Over 8,000 hospital consultations each month

The introduction of the Telenursing Service means men and their loved ones have more options for connecting with our Specialist Nurses for expert care and advice.

PCFA’s General Manager Supportive Care Programs, Bernard Riley, says no calls go unanswered.

We’re here to provide evidenced based information and resources about all aspects of prostate cancer.

“Importantly, we help men and their loved ones understand their diagnosis and their treatment options, and how to manage the many side-effects.”

In total, PCFA’s expert prostate cancer specialist telenurses have spent 35,000 minutes on the phone supporting men and their families over the past 12 months, with spikes during periods of lockdown and surgery suspension.

“The long-term effects of living with prostate cancer can be very challenging, and as a community we need to be there to care for these men, to help them cope in the days, weeks, months, and years after treatment,” Mr Riley says.

When you go Dry in July, you’ll be helping PCFA to support Australian men when prostate cancer strikes.

To connect with the service, call 1800 22 00 99 or email [email protected]

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia