Director of Nursing, Sally Sara, talks about the Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse program

Sally Sara knows first-hand the difference that a Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse can make in the life of men and their families having established the role in Southern Adelaide in 2014. In 2018 Sally took on the role of Director Nursing Programs, Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, which made her responsible for oversight and development of the service nationally. Sally is passionate that more men and their families have access to this life-changing support as they face prostate cancer. Although her new role does not directly involve clinical work, Sally continues to be personally inspired and driven by the stories of the families that she encountered and supported in her role in Adelaide.  

Sally said, “It was my absolute privilege to be a Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse – across a career spanning 30 years it was by far the most rewarding role I had undertaken. However, I am excited by the potential these Prostate Cancer Specialist Nursing roles hold for the future and am delighted to now be responsible for overseeing and further developing the service nationally.”

"Our nurses are there when a man receives the news that they have been diagnosed with prostate cancer – which can be one of the most difficult times in their lives. It’s a very challenging time also because prostate cancer often comes with a range of potential treatment options, so it can be challenging to make that choice. Our nurses are also involved in helping men and their families emotionally and psychologically. They also play an important role in side-effect management following treatment which can be quite debilitating."

"In far too many cases, men with prostate cancer live with long-lasting impacts on physical and psychological wellbeing and often find it difficult to seek or find help or support. From the moment that a man is diagnosed, their Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse becomes the main point of contact for any issues or concern the men and their families may have, including management of symptoms and treatment side effects – there is no end-point to this care."

"Patients often tell us that they need "an opportunity to talk through [their] diagnosis beyond what is available in a standard 15-minute consult with a urologist". A Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse can help patients and their families to understand their diagnosis, what to expect and connect them with services to address the challenges that they may encounter along the way."

“Prostate cancer is too frightening to face alone. Our nurses are there to support men at one of the most difficult times in their lives, to help them understand their diagnosis, the treatment options available to them and also to coordinate their care so that they get all of the help that they need.” 

“We know that this expert support from a Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse can be life-changing for men and their families who are dealing with prostate cancer. From the moment that these men are diagnosed, the prostate cancer specialist nurse can become their main point of contact to discuss any issues that they may have in relation to their diagnosis, treatment, side effect management and after care.”

‘Hear more about the Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurses program from Director of Nursing, Sally Sara, by clicking HERE’. 

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