Massage soothes hearts as well as bodies

Oncology massage at ONJ Cancer Centre, generously funded by Dry July, is helping patients feel comforted, supported and safe as they undergo cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Suzi was diagnosed with an aggressive form of myeloma – a type of cancer that develops from plasma cells in the bone marrow.

Treatment for Suzi was intense. She needed chemotherapy followed by a stem cell transplant. During her treatment, Suzi was very grateful for oncology massage, generously supported by Dry July Foundation.

“After I was diagnosed I had three fractures in my back. I was so sore and fragile. The wellness staff recommended an oncology massage however I was so petrified about being pushed and prodded. Finally, I agreed, and the lovely massage therapist Bronwyn was so gentle and so caring. She not only soothed my bones and muscles, but she soothed my heart. It was the most calming and relaxing experience during a very challenging and worrying time.”

After Suzi’s stem cell transplant, she was very unwell and in hospital for several weeks. Not able to leave her hospital room, massage therapist Bronwyn came to Suzi instead.

“She visited weekly during a time when I was terribly unwell. Her gentle massage, soft voice and kindness helped my mind shift to a place of calm”, says Suzi.

Because of support from Dry July, special services like oncology massage make a lifechanging difference to people with cancer, like Suzi. Thank you Dry July for all that you do.

“Oncology massage greatly contributed to my recovery and wellness. Thank you for all that you give to keep this special service going.”- Suzi Juracic

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