Your 2021 Dry July fundraising has helped patients living with cancer continue to access wellness therapies at the ONJ Centre

Our Wellness Team supports patients’ body, mind and soul alongside their medical treatment.

Thanks to you, Dry July fundraising has kept our Wellness gym open and provided additional psychological support to help people cope with the enormity of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Research has shown that exercising through cancer treatment not only helps maintain strength and energy levels, it also reduces the severity and number of side effects that are common with cancer treatment.

“Exercise has improved my energy levels, mood and given me a sense of purpose.” A wellness gym patient said.

"Your eight-week program has set me on a path to regular exercise and a healthier lifestyle. It also enabled me to stay fit during treatment, which I believe is a definite advantage." A wellness gym patient said.

Thanks to you these programs are open to every person undergoing cancer treatment. They not only improve the efficacy of cancer treatments but brightens patients’ days, reduces stress and habits learnt can be life changing.

On behalf of Austin Health and the ONJ Centre – thank you for changing the lives of every patient at the ONJ Centre.

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