Yoga creates balance for cancer patients

Anne Stroud became a patient at the ONJ Cancer Centre when she was diagnosed with bowel cancer in March 2018. The Gentle Yoga program at the ONJ Centre uses gentle movement and breathing practices to help you reduce stress and tension, increase energy and foster a positive relationship with your body.

Wellness programs helped Anne cope with the stress of her diagnosis and treatment. With her home being the mountains of East Gippsland, Anne decided to stay close to the hospital while undergoing treatment, giving her the opportunity and the time to immerse herself in the many nurturing and self-care wellness activities held every day. Gentle yoga was a highlight for Anne.

“Gentle yoga was just amazing. It gave me contact with other people so I felt I wasn’t isolated or doing it alone,” says Anne.

Yoga has been shown to improve both physical and emotional health for cancer patients. Clinical research has shown that yoga may improve sleep, decrease stress and enhance quality of life. The Gentle Yoga program at the ONJ Centre continues to be one of the most sought after programs in the Wellness and Supportive Care suite.

“I did six sessions and we were all able to do it at our own pace. The relaxation was lovely, it taught me to give myself time and be kind to myself, I learnt breathing techniques and other beautiful things to help me in distressing situations.”

 “I’m just really thankful, I don’t know what it would have been like without this support for my own wellness and mental well-being. I loved it”.

We are deeply grateful to you, by signing up to Dry July you are helping patients like Anne feel supported with programs like Gentle Yoga. We couldn’t do it without you.

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