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The NWCC and Inala House (accommodation for cancer patients) enable patients who previously had to travel away from the region for radiotherapy treatment to have their treatment closer to home, where they can be better supported by their families and friends. The NWCC provides out-patient treatments and clinics for medical oncology, radiation oncology, and haematology patients.

Tamworth is a central hub for cancer patients in the New England and North West region and the community was excited to have radiotherapy added to the cancer services provided to the region. The NWCC has a day infusion unit with 12 chairs and 2 beds where chemotherapy and supportive treatment/therapies are delivered Monday to Friday. Clinics offered include medical oncology, radiation oncology, haematology, palliative care, genetics counselling, telehealth gynae-oncology, and young adult oncology clinics amongst others.

Latest Updates

Transport to Treatment Service in Tamworth

A transport to treatment service is now available to guests staying at Inala House in Tamworth, and will also soon begin transporting patients who live within a 100km radius of North West Cancer Centre. The service is currently supported by 6 volunteers drivers and the vehicle (pictured below with the iconic Tamworth Golden Guitar) was purchased using funds from Dry July.

The first 2 clients (pictured here) for the new service were:
  • Sharon from Moree who stayed at Inala House for 6 weeks and was transported to and from treatment each day as well as to weekly shopping trips or any other necessary appointments while she stayed in Tamworth
  • Alan from Inverell who also stayed for about 5-6 weeks and was transported to and from treatment and to other necessary appointments or shopping

Inala House, Tamworth

Inala House offers dedicated accommodation to cancer patients receiving treatment at North West Cancer Centre.

The lodge used Dry July funds to purchase outdoor furnishings, aquariums, for landscaping, and a reading retreat.

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