Rosi's story

Cancer impacted my life from a very young age. Sadly, both my mother and father passed away after a diagnosis – my mother died when she was 46 and I was 10, and my father when he was 56. This difficult period impacted me deeply and has been imprinted on my behaviour since. Because of this loss, I have always appreciated the everyday, along with being very grateful to be in good health.

It is an unfortunate reality that most of us have been affected by cancer in some way, but I am relieved that there is now so much help available to manage the treatment process and ease some of the burden of a diagnosis.

I have been involved with Look Good Feel Better for decades now; first as a supporter during my time as a beauty department sales manager, and most recently in my role as Chair of the Cancer Patients Foundation, which is responsible for running the Look Good Feel Better program.

Having attended workshops and spoken to many program participants, I feel reassured that every individual who attends a workshop feels better. The joy they feel during each workshop and that small moment of reprieve from their often-aggressive cancer treatment directly corelates with the healing process. The program has a rare and impressive strike rate, and is therefore one that I feel passionate about building support for and awareness of.

Being part of the beauty industry and so closely involved with the charity, I am super proud of the never-ending generosity with regards to helping the community.

It is so rewarding to know that I, as an individual can make a difference, and I know that if everyone just gave a small amount towards helping others, we have the very real ability to make a significant improvement in the lives of so many people who are navigating such a challenging time.

Raising money in this economic environment is getting harder and harder, but taking on the Dry July challenge again this year is the least I can do to ensure Look Good Feel Better can continue to exist for the thousands who need it. And I am taking on the extra challenge of raising even more funds than we did last year, so I hope you will support me in achieving this for the benefit of all Australians undergoing cancer treatment.

Let’s make sure everyone has access to the Look Good Feel Better program for years to come.

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