So proud of our Dry July Fundraisers

A huge thank you to our wonderful Dry July Fundraisers and supporters.

We wanted to give you an update on previous Dry July projects that were funded by our wonderful Dry July fundraisers and their supporters.


Bladder Scanner for C1East the Oncology Inpatient Unit.

Our Oncology nurses were saying that they had to borrow a bladder scanner from another ward whenever they needed to use it. Bladder scanners allow nursing staff to scan and assess the amount of urine in the bladder on the spot in real time. Oncology patients require bladder assessments due to unique Cancer treatments that may affect the bladder directly.

Patients suffering urinary retention often caused by, obstruction, disease, infection (common in Oncology patients) can often suffer great amounts of pain. Prompt assessment of the balder will lead to faster intervention and better patient outcomes including shorter periods of pain crisis.

The staff in the Oncology Inpatient Unit were so excited to receive the Bladder Scanner from Dry July fundraising.


The Oncology Day Unit located at Gold Coast University Hospital is always busy treating patients. Over 4000 patients each week. The 2020 Dry July campaign was extra special as we had the amazing Dr Liz Fitzmaurice contact us about fundraising for a Paxman Scalp Cooling Machine. Liz was able to use the Paxman at a private facility on the Gold Coast whilst undergoing chemotherapy treatment. She was very pleased with the outcome and wanted public patients to have the same opportunities. She enlisted the support of Griffith University Rotary Club and signed up for the Dry July challenge. There was also support from a number of supporters who enabled us to purchase this equipment which is located in the very busy Oncology Day Unit. A huge thank you to the combined Rotary groups that helped fundraise and apply for a grant from Rotary International. Also to the Gold Coast Community Fund and the Dry July supporters along with Dry July Foundation. It was a collective effort that will make a huge difference to the patients who can be use this equipment.

Gold Coast Hospital Foundation