Dry July Foundation supports Cancer Wellness Program at Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer

Funds from the Dry July 2019 campaign will enable the Dry July Foundation to introduce therapy-based and therapeutic art activities into the cancer wellness program via the Cancer Wellness Centre which is currently being developed and is due to open mid-October 2019. 

Arts in Health at Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) was introduced at FMC in 1996. The program currently works across all clinical areas of the hospital and currently supports in-patients in the oncology ward. These services will be adapted to deliver an Arts in Health program through the cancer wellness centre at Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer. 

For a cancer patient, an engagement with a supported visual at activity can be used to: 

- improve mood and mobility

- provide an avenue for emotional or psychological expression

- create alternative methods of non-verbal communication for thoughts and feelings that might otherwise be difficult to communicate about

- be a relaxing distraction from the imperatives of clinical treatment

- provide opportunities for social and community engagement in supportive environments

- create opportunities to share something joyful with families and friends

- offer the chance to learn new skills and techniques to support recovery

- provide information and tools to promote physical wellness through education

- support gentle exercise regimes with physical activities, such as felting

Image: Illustration of section of the new Cancer Wellness Centre under construction at the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer

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