'Cancer in the School Community' Information Booklet for NSW Schools

Every school is a community, a network of relationships connecting students, parents and family members with teachers, principals and other school staff. When anyone in a school community is diagnosed with cancer, people usually want to help but may not be sure where to start. 

Dry July funding from 2017 has helped to support the development and distribution of a new edition of Cancer Council NSW’s ‘Cancer in the School Community’ information booklet. This booklet is a guide for school staff who would like to support students, families and colleagues affected by cancer, and help them to respond effectively and sensitively to the issues that cancer may raise in the school community.

Thanks to Dry July, this important resource will be available in primary and secondary schools right across New South Wales.

The new edition of the booklet will go to print in May 2018, and distribution of the booklets is planned for July (dependent on school holidays). 

Small cancer in the school community
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