Joe ‘Bushie’ Bush kicks back at Milroy Lodge thanks to Dry July

For Bushie, coming back to his room at Milroy Lodge after a long day of treatment is something he can look forward to now thanks to new recliners purchased with Dry July funding.

“It means everything to me. I’m from the country, from Leonora and I didn’t know these type of places existed. I came down here and I am blown away by the place.”

Bushie has been staying at Milroy Lodge for nearly 3 months while he receives treatment in Perth for lung cancer. The lodge is one of two accommodation facilities run by Cancer Council WA that sees 5,000 country cancer patients stay with them each year.

The funding received from the Dry July campaign in 2017 means that he and every guest staying at the lodge can relax in the comfort of a new leather recliner.

“I came down about 10 weeks ago. I was here for nearly 6 weeks so I could get treatment for lung cancer. Then they sent me home because I had chemo and radiation to recuperate for a bit and I am back here now to get the final bit done.”

Bushie said it was a nice surprise to come back the second time around and find the recliner waiting for him in his room.

“It’s beautiful to come back to a comfy armchair. I’d like to thank Dry July very much. I see that every room has got one and I am blown away that these are here”.

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Cancer Council WA

$121,842.63 raised