The Movement - Wellness Beyond Diagnosis

Funds raised through Dry July 2022 have supported the continuation of The Movement - Wellness Beyond Diagnosis, Bowel Cancer Australia’s nurse moderated and supportive online community for patients, loved ones and carers.

With close to 700 members and counting, the closed Facebook Group features monthly presentations by healthcare professionals from across the care continuum, access to resources, as well as facilitated live chats for members to connect with one another. Moderated by Clinical Nurse Consultant Sally, who also has a lived bowel cancer experience.

What patients are saying:

“I can't believe how amazingly supportive this group has been to me. After my initial diagnosis I was overwhelmed and so incredibly scared. I then found this group and even though I’m still navigating relatively blind, more tests and more waiting for results, I am not so frightened because I KNOW I'm not alone. Our journeys are all unique but there's backup and understanding here.”

“Early on in my journey, I found the Bowel Cancer Australia support network. I reached out to the Bowel Care Nurse in the early days and also the Bowel Care Nutritionist. I was so grateful for their advice, especially in those early days when my head was absolutely spinning. I also found the community Facebook group 'The Movement - Wellness Beyond Diagnosis'. This group has been a wealth of knowledge and support and I cannot recommend them highly enough.