Francesca's Story

I was diagnosed with Stage III bowel cancer at the age of 38.

I honestly didn’t know anything about bowel cancer before I was diagnosed. I’ve since been told it’s ‘an old man’s disease’ which I now know not to be the case with about 1400 people under 50 diagnosed with bowel cancer in Australia every year. The individual circumstances of each person’s diagnosis also mean everyone has a very different experience of how they are treated.

When I contacted Bowel Cancer Australia’s free Helpline, I had an instant connection with the Bowel Care Nurses and Nutritionists.

They’ve been a constant source of strength and encouragement ever since – helping me manage nutritional challenges, nerve damage, and an emotional roller coaster.

Cancer turned my world upside down. Diagnosis, treatment, and recovery have been a lot to process against the backdrop of a global pandemic.

Without Bowel Cancer Australia, my whole situation would have been a lot harder and lonelier.

Their support and resources made my experience so much more manageable and less frightening.

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