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Thank you for visiting my Dry July page! My name is Mark Udovitch and I am a radiation therapist working at Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre. I have had the privilege of treating cancer patients with therapeutic doses of radiation for almost a decade and this year for Dry July my colleagues and I are doing something VERY different..

What is the "DRY JULY SHAVE OFF"?!

Since becoming a beneficiary of Dry July in 2011, Liverpool Hospital has received thousands of dollars in funding which has gone directly towards improving the quality of our service and the quality of life of our patients. In partnership with Dry July, Liverpool Hospital is hosting the first ever DRY JULY SHAVE OFF - a new and exciting fund raising venture which aims to raise money for Dry July by sacrificing the follicles of Cancer Therapy Staff; including radiation therapists, nurses, medical physicists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists and admin!

The DRY JULY SHAVE OFF was recently featured on the front page of the May issue of our local health district's newsletter - available here:

But why are we 'GIVING UP OUR HAIR' and not alcohol?

Good question .. but before I answer, I'd like to share a short anecdote

Losing your hair from systemic therapies, such as chemotherapy, or localised therapies, such as radiotherapy to the brain, is often an unavoidable side effect which many patients face during their cancer therapy journey. Throughout my career I have cared for countless patients who have experienced hair loss, with many patients revealing that losing their hair was one of the hardest things they had to go through psychologically and that it was often the lowest point in their cancer therapy journey. They often report feeling uncomfortable or exposed and are unmotivated to go out in public because of prying eyes which has devastating impacts on their self esteem. Those that do brave the outside world might cover up with a beanie or scarf, or by wearing a wig from their hospital's wig library. Unfortunately, the vast majority of wigs available to these patients are synthetic and can be itchy, ill-fitted or uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

This is why we decided to adapt the premise of Dry July from giving up alcohol to giving up our hair - not only to recognise the hardship our patients' face but also to give a unique gift to someone in need.


The DRY JULY SHAVE OFF will occur in the ANZAC courtyard of Liverpool Hospital on Friday 29th July and will coincide with the final Dry July fundraising BBQ to maximise spectators. This is going to be a spectacle not to be missed so please join us - bring a friend or two and encourage your colleagues and patients to come along and join in on the fun for this worthwhile cause!

WHEN was your last haircut and how LONG is it now?

My last hair cut was in the first week of January 2014 (almost 2 and a half years ago) and currently my hair is 34 cm long and growing!

Status Updates

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$25.00 from Jim Yakobi

A bit late, bu this is for being able to cut off 1 lock of hair on the day!!

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$102.60 from gary and amanda

You've done a fantastic job!

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Thank you so much Gary and Amanda for the kind words and generous donation!! :-)
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$25.80 from Kate Stares

Love the photos Mark and all the great work you guys do!

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Thanks for donating Kate!! Greatly appreciated! Glad you love all the pics :-)
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$15.56 from Annette McClellan

Just because you did a picture of Chris Cornell! :) okay, really because you have great creativity and compassion! Enjoyed seeing the pictures!

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We can both agree Chris Cornell is a legend! Thanks for donating Annette!! šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š
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$25.80 from Fahim and Madena

Well done buddy! We are very proud of you!!

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Thank you so much FAHIM & MADENA for the donation!! You got me over the $15,000 LINE!!! WOOHOO!!
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$331.40 from Wishing Well - Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre

Proceeds from the 'Wishing Well' at Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre

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Thank you to all our incredibly generous patients and their families for donating to our Wishing Well at Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre! :-)
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$102.60 from Anonymous

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Thank you so much Anonymous! There are so many generous people who want to remain nameless! :O hope you enjoyed all the pics
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$50.00 from Jasmin

Just saw the notice on the intranet. Keep up the great work šŸ˜ Would love to see a Walter White impersonation by the way šŸ˜‰

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Thanks for donating Jasmin! Will definitely try my best with Walter White :-)
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$51.40 from Megan Leard

I love your photos and your support to the cancer community. I'm a childhood cancer survivor and truly think you're a wonderful human being and what an hilarious way to raise money a good cause :)

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Thank you for sharing your story with me Megan! I'm really glad you thought all our pics were hilarious!! :-) laugher is definitely the best medicine! Glad you are doing great and thank you for the donation!
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$51.40 from Anonymous

Great job!

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Thanks Anonymous! :-)

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