Helping people affected by cancer

Thanks to the incredible fundraising efforts of our Dry July participants every year, the Dry July Foundation is able to help local and national cancer support organisations across Australia deliver practical, tangible support services for people affected by cancer.

Everything we fund is to benefit cancer patients, their families and carers, aiming to make a difficult time, a little easier for people affected by cancer.

A shoulder to lean on. A comforting voice. A place to relax. This is why we Dry July.

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Where the money goes

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Information and Support Services

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Specialist Cancer Nurses

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Wellness Programs

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Cancer Centre Improvements

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Accommodation and Transport

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Comfort and Support Items

Organisations we support

The Dry July Foundation is proud to support numerous cancer organisations across Australia.

Some of the organisations who benefit from our fundraising include:

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To see the full list of cancer support organisations we fund, please click here.

Dry July 2023 funds are helping the Mark Hughes Foundation ensure no on goes through brain cancer alone

Dry July funds have enabled the Mark Hughes Foundation to continue supporting all patients and their families across Australia by providing all patients diagnosed with brain cancer a patient care pack, regardless of location.

Every patient can receive a patient pack, including information on the disease, a patient diary and our famous MHF beanie – which is a symbol of hope. No patient or family should have to go through a brain cancer diagnosis alone.

The funds also support the annual Hunter Brain Cancer Forum. The Forum is a day for patients, carers and their loved ones to hear specialists discuss a range of topics in relation to brain cancer. In addition to gaining further information and resources, the Forum helps patients build...

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Thank you for supporting The Alfred this Dry July

Dry July 2023 funds are helping The Alfred continue to offer support for thousands of people living with cancer by easing the financial burden of parking and transport, ensuring all patients have access and can focus on what’s important, their treatment and care.

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Dry July funds help St Vincent's Hospital continue to provide comfort and support services

Dry July 2023 funds are helping St Vincent's Hospital purchase specialised medical equipment, upgrades for waiting rooms and comfort items for both the patients and their loved ones.

From Sleepy Visitor chairs and podiatry approved slippers, to comfort foods and a warm cuppa, your funds are making a big difference to the comfort and wellbeing of people affected by cancer.

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By taking part in Dry July, you’ve helped The Royal Melbourne Hospital in a major way

We're excited to announce that The Royal Melbourne Hospital will be able to fund the following thanks to Dry July 2023 fundraising:

Exercise Equipment for Haematology Patients – Exercise is an important part of a cancer treatment plan and it is important that we have the right equipment for our patients to maintain muscle strength during their chemotherapy treatment

STEP Caring for Patients in the Right Place By purchasing new recliners and a commode for leg extension, we can get patients out of bed safely and early in their recovery, as well as provide a comfortable and safe alternative to staying in bed. This will lead to fewer complications from being bed-bound for extended periods and allow patients more comfort and dignity as...

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Thank you 2023 Dry Julyers and donors for making a difference for the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation

Dry July 2023 funds have helped the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation fund a pilot study to help cancer patients manage fatigue.

Fatigue is a common long-term symptom of cancer affecting up to two-thirds of survivors, and can persist for months to years after treatment. Fatigue can result in poor quality of life and emotional instability, affecting cancer survivors’ participation in society, vocation and avocational activities.

The group-based program will consist of 8 weeks, comprising graded physical activity and strength training, in combination with education interventions. The program will be conducted by a qualified exercise physiologist or physiotherapist and a clinical nurse will provide the combined education sessions on...

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Pancare Foundation continues to provide comfort and support services thanks to Dry July 2023 funds

The funds raised from Dry July 2023 are helping Pancare Foundation continue to support patients and their families from diagnosis to treatment and beyond, through Cancer Care Coordinators, the expansion of Upper GI Cancer Specialist nurse services and the provision of culturally appropriate information to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

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Dreams2Live4 continues to fund Dream Makers thanks to Dry July funds

Your fundraising for Dry July 2023 will be used to fund Dream Makers to make life-changing dreams come true across Australia for adults living with advanced cancer.

Thank you for making a positive difference in the lives of people living with cancer.

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Dry July 2023 funds Chris O'Brien Lifehouse equipment upgrades and cancer centre improvements

The funds are helping Chris O'Brien Lifehouse purchase specialised equipment for Radiation Oncology, new entertainment and kitchen updates for the YouCan Centre, comfort items to make waiting rooms less clinical and support the continuation of the Pet Therapy Program.

The projects and services enable Chris O’Brien Lifehouse to help lessen the impact of cancer on patients and their families by providing the comfort and care needed to support them throughout their cancer journey.

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Dry July funds help CoastCanCare continue to offer free wellbeing and recovery programs

Thanks to Dry July 2023 funds, CoastCanCan can continue to offer free wellbeing and recovery programs for cancer patients, their families and carers.

These programs provide psychological, physical and social support. Examples of programs being delivered include meditation, art therapy, weaving, journaling, yoga, tai chi, “Living Well” workshops and physiotherapy classes.

CoastCanCare also acts as a touch point for people in the community requiring assistance with accessing appropriate resources and supports to enable them to recover and thrive following treatment.

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