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When you're diagnosed with cancer, it's hard to find the time or energy to think about anything other than treating the cancer. Dry July raises money to ease that burden, reduce stress and add a bit of comfort for those affected by cancer.

Everything we fund is to benefit the cancer patient and their families and carers. We aim to make a difficult time, a little easier for those affected by cancer.

To see the full list of cancer support organisations we fund, please click here.

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Outdoor Area Furnishings for Cancer Support WA

Thanks to funding received from Dry July, Cancer Support WA has been able to purchase comfortable and beautiful outdoor furniture for patients to enjoy and relax during their visits to the centre. The funds were used to purchase a quality outdoor table and chair setting, and several beautiful benches which have been placed around the grounds in lovely shady areas. A marine-quality, durable cantilever shade umbrella was also purchased and set up near the outdoor table and chairs to provide shade and cover all year round. The cantilever mechanism of the umbrella allows the option to swing it into different positions to ensure that patients are protected from the sun.

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Patient Travel Assistance in the Northern Territory

The inadequate level of government travel assistance for people with cancer in rural and remote areas is consistently identified as one of the major shortfalls in the provision of cancer supportive care in the Northern Territory. It is regarded as one of the reasons that cancer treatment outcomes are poorer the further patients live from treatment centres.

Cancer Council NT is purchasing a vehicle to be dedicated to patient travel to assist in reducing this burden for Territorians, using Dry July funds from 2015.

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Under Our Roof in Adelaide

Under Our Roof offers dedicated accommodation to cancer patients from regional South Australia who need to travel to Adelaide for treatment at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The units provide family accommodation, so that patients can be accompanied by their loved ones for longer stays.

The project launched on the 3rd of September 2015 marking a major milestone for everyone who supported this project, including South Australian Dry Julyers who fundraised for The Hospital Research Foundation during past campaigns.

The two family-style homes at 30 Nicholls Terrace, Woodville West were built to provide a ‘home-away-from-home’ for country cancer patients who need to travel to Adelaide for cancer treatment.

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Sky ceilings at Royal North Shore Hospital

Royal North Shore Hospital has been able to install sky ceilings in the radiotherapy bunkers at the Northern Sydney Cancer Centre using money from Dry July.

Installing Sky Ceilings makes an intimidating medical equipment a little more welcoming. It creates a positive, patient friendly environment. The patient experience is enhanced through these surroundings; it also helps the caregiver, nurse and doctor because patients are more cooperative. Art on dropped ceiling tiles and wall murals in healthcare settings has been proven to lower blood pressure, speed up recovery times and reduce overall stress and anxiety in patients.

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Kitchen Renovations at Crawford Lodge, Perth

One of the many services Cancer Council WA offers guests at their Perth Lodges is access to a fully functional kitchen for meal preparation. As many guests stay for six to eight weeks whilst undergoing their treatment, having a home cooked meal can be very comforting.

The four communal guest kitchens at Crawford Lodge are currently over 14 years old and need to be upgraded with new bench tops, electrical hotplates, ovens and range hoods. Similarly, the kitchens in the three family units also need to be upgraded. Dry July funds from 2014 are going towards these renovations, to enable guests to prepare their meals in well-functioning facilities.


The kitchens have now been upgraded!

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Courtyard Opens at The Alfred

The Alfred is astounded at the support the community has shown us throughout Dry July. We would like to thank you for helping us to improve the facilities in which our patients are treated. Your support assists people facing a very difficult journey and for that we are enormously grateful.

Since becoming a beneficiary of Dry July in 2014, The Alfred has already seen some amazing and positive changes. We recently opened a new garden courtyard outside the patient waiting area in the William Buckland Radiotherapy Centre. This tranquil and beautiful space will have a constructive and beneficial influence on those undergoing cancer treatments. With the funds received this year we will continue to improve those areas where our patients spend...

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New Curtains for Patient Rooms at PA Hospital

Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane asked patients what the hospital could do to make their treatment more comfortable, and one of the common responses was to put up some art in common and patient areas to make it feel less clinical.

Funds from Dry July have gone towards wall art and curtains in walkways and wait areas of the day treatment area.They are causing a lot of excitement throughout the hospital and many other departments want to follow suit!

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LED Lightshows installed at Nepean CCC

On Monday 29 June, Nepean Cancer Care Centre celebrated the completion of their LED lightshow installation. 2 lighting boxes have been installed in the centre’s 2 radiotherapy bunkers to distract and amuse patients during their treatment.

These installations will make a huge difference to patients facing what can be an intimidating treatment experience in the bunkers.
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New Chemotherapy Chairs

Macarthur Cancer Therapy Centre used funds from Dry July 2014 to purchase 8 new “lie-flat” powered chemotherapy chairs. Patients receiving chemotherapy treatment need to sit (or lie) in these chairs for up to 6 hours at a time, so these new chairs will help make patients a little more comfortable during their treatment.

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