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We hope you will join us in going dry this July to help us to continue to provide the best possible care to our cancer patients at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne. St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne prides itself in providing the very best care and treatment to patients from all walks of life, especially those who are vulnerable and isolated. We treat more than 57,000 patients a year in our world class Cancer Centre. Our Cancer Centre staff are dedicated and passionate which is evident in their everyday medical practices and care. Fundraising through Dry July assists staff in making this happen. That’s why we need your support! The Cancer Centre Chemotherapy Day Unit provides specialised treatment for up to 28 patients a day, both from the metropolitan and rural areas of Victoria. The 6th floor Oncology Ward looks after inpatients that need further additional care and cancer treatment. We’d love to reach our fundraising target of $50,000 this year so we can provide and update vital & essential equipment and supplies to our cancer patients.

Latest Updates

Oncology Care Packs

Following chemotherapy or radiation therapy, some patients suffer from dry, red, irritated and sensitive skin which can be uncomfortable and painful. St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne has sought out and purchases a care pack to help patients hydrate, protect, soothe and care for their skin during and after treatment. Another side effect of treatment can be cold hands and feet. To combat this, we’ve included some cosy MooGoo socks to help keep warm.

Mindfulness Colouring Books

Mindfulness colouring books are they are therapeutic and have been proven to relieve anxiety. St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne has opted to use funding from Dry July to purchase books for cancer patients undergoing treatment.

Making a difference at St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne

The hospital has been busy spending money received from Dry July in 2015. Some of the products and equipment purchased to make cancer patients at the cancer centre a little more comfortable include:

Bathroom Scales

Visitor overnight beds


Patient bedside chair with Highback

Patient chairs for quiet room, rooms and reception 

Patient stedy transfer machine 

Red Grip Sox

Rehabilitation Gym Refurbished

Through the generosity of Dry July DJs, St Vincent’s Hospital has able to create a specific purpose gym for rehabilitation of palliative care patients - the majority of whom have received cancer treatment at the hospital. 

Patients who utilise the gym may be returning home after hospitalisation or may be remaining for end of life care. Funds were used towards the complete refurbishment of the room and facilities, including repainting and installing new equipment and infrastructure. There was previously no dedicated gym area for either inpatients or Day Palliative Care clients. The gym is located at Caritas Christi Palliative Care Day Centre.


St Vincent’s Hospital has used Dry July funds to purchase 2 wheelchairs to enable patient’s family members to take them on day leave and outside the hospital. Feedback on the chairs has been very positive.

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