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We hope you will join us in going dry this July to help us to continue to provide the best possible care to our cancer patients at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne. St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne prides itself in providing the very best care and treatment to patients from all walks of life, especially those who are vulnerable and isolated. We treat more than 57,000 patients a year in our world class Cancer Centre. Our Cancer Centre staff are dedicated and passionate which is evident in their everyday medical practices and care. Fundraising through Dry July assists staff in making this happen. That’s why we need your support! The Cancer Centre Chemotherapy Day Unit provides specialised treatment for up to 28 patients a day, both from the metropolitan and rural areas of Victoria. The 6th floor Oncology Ward looks after inpatients that need further additional care and cancer treatment. We’d love to reach our fundraising target of $50,000 this year so we can provide and update vital & essential equipment and supplies to our cancer patients.

Latest Updates

Blood Sampling Chair

St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne has just taken delivery of a blood sampling chair purchased with Dry July funds. This is a hard back low chair for cancer patients to have their blood test in who can’t sit in the normal treatment chair. The sloped armrests present the arm for needling and are shaped and padded for comfort and support.

Admission Packs

Being diagnosed with cancer and receiving treatment is a very overwhelming experience, with lots of questions, and multiple things to remember. 

To help ease the process, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne have used a portion of their Dry July funds to develop an admission pack for patients going through chemotherapy for the first time, and provide them with as much information as possible at such a difficult time. 

Charge Bars at St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne

Some cancer treatments can take up to 6 hours, and during this time, a mobile is an important device for entertainment and contacting family and friends.. But we all know what mobile phone batteries are like!

For this reason, St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne have used some Dry July funds to buy 3 mobile charging bars for their Cancer Centre, Oncology Ward and Caritas Christi Palliative Care.

These will give the patients a bit of peace of mind, and remove the worry and frustration of having your mobile phone run out of battery.

Grip Sox

St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne have used some Dry July funds to purchase Grip Sox. These provide patients with extra safety and help in the prevention of falls. 

Dry July 2014 at St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne

SVHM used Dry July 2014 funds towards a multitude of projects aimed at making patients in the cancer centre more comfortable. These included:

Patient admission packs

Boardgames for children waiting with their parents

Coral upgrade in the fish tank

Water drink bottles

CDs & CD player

Tim Tam biscuits for the beverage service

A new wheelchair

Fish tanks for the palliative care unit

The hospital is continuing at pace with their 2015 funds, seeking to purchase newspapers for the oncology ward and cancer centre, shampoo caps for oncology patients, a Stedy transport machine, Christmas decorations, new chemotherapy treatment chairs, new patient and visitor chairs in the oncology ward, and portable fold-out beds for visitors who wish to stay overnight.

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