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We hope you will join us in going Dry this July and help us to continue to provide the best possible care to our Cancer patients at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne.

If you would like to join the St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne TEAM, please sign up to Dry July by using the link on the left and then then head to Thank you!

St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne provides the very best in patient care to people from all walks of life, especially those in need. St Vincent’s is known as the people’s hospital, treating more than 57,000 patients a year. This year we are celebrating saving lives for 125 years.

Our Cancer Centre team make it their mission to provide the very best patient care to all of their patients. The Cancer Centre Chemotherapy Day Unit provides specialised treatment to 28 patients a day, both from the metropolitan and rural Victoria and the 6th floor look after inpatients that need further care and cancer treatment.

This year the hospital is celebrating its 125th birthday and we have set an ambitious fundraising target of $50,000 to supply vital equipment and supplies to our cancer patients. Below are the items on our wish list:

• Additional scalp cooling cap machines. Due to the success we have had with our first cooling cap machine, it’s now in high demand. We would like to be able to offer this hair saving treatment to more of our patients = $40,000
• “Fresenius Medical Care” Treatment Chairs - which will maximise comfort during long treatments = $6,260 each
• The Connex Spot Monitor (blood pressure machine) which accurately monitors vital measurements including blood pressure averaging, spot checking, interval monitoring and custom scoring for patients = $5,000 each
• Re-useable waterproof covers for PICC’s 50 @ $39.90 = $2000
• Basic over ear headphones for the patient TV’s x 100 @ $5.95 = $595
• Moo goo oncology packs 20 @ $17.50 = $350
• Some fake plants to jazz up the sun room/patient lounge area = $250
• Some exercise equipment eg. Light hand weights, resistance bands, some good quality exercise mats (that can be wiped down as per infection control) = $150
• Small comfort items to help with patient wellbeing during their treatment. This is provides patents with access to newspapers, tea bags, biscuits and flowers to help them and their family feel relaxed and comfortable during their treatment at the Centre.

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Help patients living with cancer today

“As awful as my diagnosis is, I can comprehend and accept it. But the thought of my hair falling out feels like a punch to the stomach. It makes no sense to me that treating my illness should cost me my hair. It feels like a punishment, or a curse. If you can support someone's psychological health during cancer treatment, it can make a big difference to the person's quality of life and that may well have some flow on clinical benefit." Help us provide scalp cooling caps for our patients which can reduce the risk of hair loss during chemo, Support #DryJuly today.

July is over but we are still raising crucial funds….

July is over and our amazing Dry July fundraisers are finally over their dry spell. Donations are still open for the whole month of August. Please give generously so we can provide a scalp cooling cap for our cancer patients, which can reduce the risk of hair loss during chemotherapy.  

Wow! great work so far!!

A huge thank you to our amazing Dry July supporters this year. So far, you have raised an incredible $32,778 for St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne's Cancer Centre.

This year we are raising vital funds for our very own scalp cooling cap, which can reduce the risk of hair loss during chemotherapy. Losing your hair is one of the more distressing aspects of cancer treatment and the cooling cap helps lower scalp temperature, reducing blood flow to the hair follicles, alleviating the damage chemotherapy causes.

So keep up the good work and let’s strive to raise $45,000 – It would be incredible if we can offer this service to our cancer patients.

Ice Making Machine at St Vincent's Melbourne

For patients like Steven, who has been coming to St Vincent’s Haematology, Oncology and Palliative Care Unit for five months, receiving chemotherapy treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, the proceeds of Dry July has made his stay just that little bit more comfortable.

Steven has been coming to St Vincent’s in Melbourne every couple of weeks for a week’s stay receiving chemotherapy which is a major part of his care while waiting for a bone marrow transplant.

Steven is just one of many patients who benefits from the simple but effective use of the ice making machine, thanks to the funds raised during Dry July. “Chemotherapy leaves me feeling a little worse for wear because it is hitting my immune system. This means I am vulnerable to all sorts of infections and illness. The machine uses filtered water so the ice it makes is that bit safer for someone in my position. Just sucking on the ice makes my mouth ulcers feel better too.”

Another benefit of sucking on ice is that the reduced oral capillary action safeguards the delicate tissues from damage resulting from the treatment; so simple and yet so effective.

“Feeling a bit better when treatment is hard going means I can have a better time during family visits and bounce back on my no treatment days quicker. I’m really grateful to Dry July and everyone who has helped make this ice making machine available for all of us to use.”

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2016 Projects at St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne

SVHM will use funds raised through Dry July 2016 to continue ongoing projects for cancer patients, including:

- Purchase and provision of medical alert cards and fridge magnets
- Daily newspaper subscriptions for patient access
- Christmas decorations for the Cancer Centre, 6th Floor Oncology, and Caritas Hospice
- Purchase and provision of herbal teas

In addition the Cancer Centre will update its patient resource area and purchase drums for the Caritas Hospice music therapy program.